Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gora Rang…………..Gori Larki……………….Fair & Lovely

Gora Rang…………..Gori Larki……………….Fair & Lovely

The demand for “gora rang” (fair complexion) for would be daughter in- law is one of the major problems faced by many girls as far as their marriage is concerned. A girl is rejected on the basis of her color, whether she is a qualified professional, well mannered, well groomed, and attractive or belongs to a good family. The only thing that matters or count is her gora rang. Irrespective the guy for whom the girl is being selected looks like Rajni Kanth or someone like him. Unfortunately it has now become a norm of our society.  And this materialistic approach of our society shows that we still live in stone age, where we still consider woman as a non-entity.

To change this mindset of our society is indeed a difficult task. Because in our part of the world “gora rang” is used as a yard stick to measure beauty. Why we as a society and as individuals are so obsessed with gora rang? Why we consider gora rang the real beauty? Whereas in my opinion darker complexion are far more attractive. And there are loads of other important things that should be taken into consideration other than skin color for the selection of a girl.

Discrimination on the basis of color is a bigger sin then dowry and rejection on the basis of color is so humiliating for a girl that it results into depression and even to suicide in extreme cases. To make one self-beautiful (considering gora rang the only criteria for beauty) demand for fairness cream are also on rise for the past many years. And to further infuriate the situation we have advertisement of these fairness creams which are on a drive to deceive.

As many rishtay walay demands for gori larki (fair girl). Therefore to fulfill this demand many girls go for fairing creams, lotions, homemade remedies and also to expensive dermatologist and skin care centers without checking their authenticity and credibility.

In nutshell, instead of judging beauty by gora rang try to look other aspects of beauty which include overall personality, style, skills, manners, qualification etc. Don’t consider woman just a commodity or some expensive decoration piece place on some display shelf.

Respect her and her feelings.

Mariam Khan

Friday, 18 November 2011

The more I know humans………………The more I love dogs.

The more I know humans………………The more I love dogs.

Drone attacks, suicide bombings, target killings, corruption, bribery, dishonesty, intolerance, robbery, murders, kidnapping, rape, you name it and we have it.
10 people died in a suicide attack in a mosque on Eid day. Taliban claimed the responsibility of firing at school bus, daughter is being killed by his father for karo kari, 5 years old raped, killed and thrown in a drain. A man killed his mother and brother over property. Robbers killed the only bread earner of a family.

The more I know humans………The more I love dogs.

Are we still humans or not any more? I think we are now even worse than animals. Because over the period of time, we witnessed a shift in animal kingdom, in terms of their relation with other animals. The usual cat and dog chase and the tussle between lion and deer have changed to some extent.
Now we see a cat is feeding a puppy, lion are protecting deer. Animals have now adopted the humane values.

But animals of “human kingdom” are losing their (humane) values with every passing day.


Hence, the more I know humans, the more I love dogs.

Mariam khan