Saturday, 14 January 2012

TheNews Blog » We (Pakistani) are More Civilized!

TheNews Blog » We (Pakistani) are More Civilized!

We Pakistani are always label as uncivilized nation. We are intolerant, ill mannered. Still we are more civilized and brave as compare to other civilized nations. How? A nation deprive from the necessities of life. A country where food is not sufficient, access to clean water is a luxury. Shortage of electricity and gas, unfortunately has become a norm of the society… you name the problem, we have it.. Quality of life is pathetic rather miserable.

In addition, when it comes to protest for our rights, we only burn few tyers, hold few play cards, banners, and a candle light vigil. We usually protest for few hours and then went back to our work. Next morning we all get up like a normal human being assuming that things are normal now. Reason being, we are peace-loving nation.
Now if we look at the most civilized nation “British society”. A society, which is bless with all the basic human rights. Where quality of life is like, one would dream to live in.  However, if we go back to last year’s riots of U.K. where the angry and anguish mob burned whole London, Manchester, Bristol, causing loss of billions. Their tolerance level becomes visible to rest of the world. The ambassador of peace miserably failed to deliver what they have been posing from ages.

Now who is more tolerant? More civilized? It is extremely difficult to survive in a country like Pakistan where political instability is a constant factor since its birth. A country, in which, religious extremism is at its peak. Having all the bad things, yet we the people of Pakistan celebrate our festivals with full zeal. Be it our Eid, Independence Day, Marriages, Birthdays, Political gatherings, New Year, 25 December and even cricket match. We are a happy nation in real sense.

We proudly stand among the bravest nations as we live in conditions no other nation could not even think of surviving. We have the strength and the power and above all, we have faith in ourselves. We are very forgiving nation. We always forgave the bad and ill of others, we only remember the good part. We are an optimistic nation.

Mariam Khan


  1. or may be it is simply because we have more subservient mentality.

    we barely protest !!

  2. great job.