Sunday, 19 February 2012

Children of lesser God……We Civilians

Children of  lesser God……We Civilians

Military Thinking……A mindset

Military thinking is a mindset, very different from the civilian thinking and approach. Their thinking and life is limited to “orders”…they gave orders and take orders (their entire life) and interestingly without any logic. From the beginning, they are program in a way that keeps them alien to the civilian life style and keeps them restricted to the protected boundaries of their compound. Moreover, within the boundaries they are taught “how to rule” the “civilians”.

 There is an immense gap and difference between civilians and military men. Therefore, whenever a dictator mind clashes with the democratic mind, the situation becomes worst. Because a dictator mind (in its obstinacy), set rules which are beyond the acceptance of a democratic mind. In addition, it is one of the reasons of country’s political instability. Military intervention has always hampers the free democratic system, has always disturbed, and stopped the smooth flow of democratic system.

According to military beliefs, civilians are children of lesser God, so they (military) have all rights to disrespect them or ridicule them for any reason or most of the time without any reason.

 Whereas they (military men) are the blessed creatures of God. Therefore, they are the superior creatures and they made laws for others to follow. They are not answerable to anyone, but they can question anyone any time, about anything. 

But in their pride they have forget something, that people will respect them till they keep us protected from the dangerous coming from the borders but their dictatorship will not be tolerated  if they  try to draw or create boundaries within the country and between civilians and military. Because law is same for all, be it uniform clad man or man without uniform. Bottom line is no one is above law and we all should respect it.

Therefore, democracy how shams or shallow it may be is far better than dictatorship. Military rule wants everything to be regimented but human beings are not programmed to be regimented all the time. They need freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of action. You cannot rule everyone all the time.
The need is to abolish the current mindset of the military otherwise wait for dire consequences from the rebellious civilians.

Mariam Khan

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Social Media………….. Pity For PTI

 Social Media………….. Pity For PTI

The recent hacking or the sudden disappearance of all PTI Facebook pages left its supporters, lovers, and followers in a state of disbelief and denial. Because Facebook is their only strength on social media as PTI’s focus was always to attract large number of fans for PTI but only on Facebook.

However, the real shocker for PTI (so called) professionals at social media, came in the shape of an interesting and innovative activity on twitter started by “awam” ….the supporters of PML(N).

Today PTI’s real strength and their social media strategies were badly exposed once again. How? An activity started on twitter that lasted for two hours with the title “#PityForPTI”. It remained as third worldwide Trending Topic for 20 minutes and Top Trending Topic for an hour in Dubai and for two hours in Karachi. These nerve-wracking statics once again left PTI’s social media professionals in a state of shock, more than the hacking of its Facebook pages.

However, surprisingly there were only few people representing PTI on twitter to counter it but they lack logic as always. PTI supporters did not come up even with their trade mark i.e. “abusive language and comments”. Twitter was all-calm today from PTI lovers. Why?

How could we expect a revolution, or tsunami (to be more appropriate) from a party whose strength and power is limited to a single forum of social media i.e. Facebook.  Is not it a pity for PTI and its die-hard supporters? 

Nevertheless, with the activity named “#PityForPTI” it has now become visible (provided you have an eye to see it) that PML (N) support is not limited to only a single forum. Its presence cannot be ignored or denied, be it Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other social media forums or be it public gatherings etc. PML (N) supporters are everywhere reason being they are the real “awam” and “awam” is present everywhere. PML (N) is modern yet conservative at the same time but truly represents the people of Pakistan.

Mariam Khan

We criticize….why?

We criticize….why?  

Why we always critize? Why we are always ready to pour scorn on others, ridicule or insult others? Because we love it, (simple) otherwise it would be arduous for us to start our day without passing few negative remarks about anything or for that matter about everything. This is how we are, sad but true.

I have observed that it is very difficult for us to say a simple word i.e. “good” for others. We cannot praise or appreciate any good work done by anyone. We as a society consider it our moral duty to criticize.
To me these social media forums are like criticizing tools. Where, one has the freedom to bash anyone even on personal grounds and interestingly without concrete reasons. Moreover, we take pride in saying “I insulted him/her”. Constructive criticism, difference of opinions and valuing the differences provides nourishment to the mind and enhance “thought process”, but unfortunately we critise just for the heck of it. We disagree to show our importance, knowledge, or power. Moreover, try to impose our views on others.

To further, clarify my stance, very recently, the laptop provision initiative taken by CM Punjab was badly misinterpreted i.e. he is doing all this for political mileage. In the age of technology no one can make you fool so be rational about things. People criticize him even for making “Danish School”. Come on give him some break. If you cannot appreciate it, then please do not discourage him as well. Just think for a while who will be benefited from all this? We, our country, our people, who else.

In addition, I am waiting when people will start criticizing CM Punjab for widening the canal road (Lahore). However, everyone can visibly witness the smooth flow of traffic after the reconstruction of the roads. Nevertheless, we dare not to appreciate, because we are not program to appreciate or acknowledge the good efforts.
We are ready to challenge “good intentions” of others. But who are we to question the intentions? Who gave us this right to doubt the intentions? Try to learn “how to appreciate” good. Let the positivity prevail.

Mariam Khan