Thursday, 1 December 2011

Why I left PTI?

Why I left PTI?

A party with three perfect words and a proper noun.

Imran khan”, “Change” and “Youth”. Anyone can be attracted and fascinated by these three beguiling words.

Imran khan: Who is he?
A well-known cricketer, the one who brought world cup to the country in 1992, a proud moment for Pakistan. A very good philanthropist, made SKMT with the help of people of Pakistan and the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave the land of SKMT tax free to him, for a noble cause.

Change: What change is required by us at present?
We all are so desperate for “change” but what kind of “change” and through which channel and tool? To be very honest we don’t know exactly what kind of change we want, but the crux is we want “change”, no matter at what cost and where  our desperation of “ change “would lead us. We are not concerned with it.

Youth: who are they?
Engaging and involving youth is no doubt a very good initiative. What kind of Youth? Youth which have no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant and do not hesitate or don’t even think once before disrespecting their fellow citizens, senior citizens on the basis of political affiliation. Can we bring “change” from this kind of youth on board?

He is Imran khan “the Imran Khan”

He talks about change “the change”

He talks about “youth” about “us”

Having all the appealing ingredients to attract but still I left PTI. Reason being, I believe it is always better to give another chance to something which you have tried before, only when you can visibly see the difference between the tried and the untried. The new ride which you are trying to go for is not the one which is required by you.

Having a bad toothache, so I thought of trying some new toothpaste (change is what I need). As I was carried away by the advertisement and the hype created by it. The fancy packet was appealing too. I was about to purchase it but before doing that I just go through the ingredients on the back of it. And I failed to find a single useful ingredient that will solve my tooth problem. So I realized that I should stick to my old toothpaste at least it has the required ingredients may be I am not using it properly or maybe I just over looked “the new and improved” version of it in my desperation of “change” and in my eagerness of trying something new.

That day I realized, Imran khan’s speeches and talks are marvelous and can appeal to anyone for the time being. His charismatic personality no doubt leaves an impact. But on reality grounds his policies lack practical approach to the core issues. He talked about insignificant issues and without any concrete solutions. Mobilizing and gathering people on a platform does not prove any one as a successful leader. Even Shahruk khan can gather an immense crowd but this doesn’t make him a leader. It is always the vision and practical approach to the national issues and international issues that can motivate people for a change. Identification of issues and problems is not what we require today. We all know what our problems are. Talking about larger than life and reality will always have an adverse effect as they lack practical implementation.

Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense otherwise you will end up in more mess.

Mariam Khan


  1. Congratulations, you're now eligible to post a blog in Express Tribune..=D perfect platform for wannabees :D

  2. old r u? Perhaps 8? U dont know one thing about PTI and u are writing a

  3. very bad comparison with tooth paste ? indeed you should have a solid ground for something you are speaking ?
    you want to try your old toothpaste because you are not able to use it properly ? how can you change current people to avoid curruption ? you cant even change a single police constable with your own identity ?

  4. @mariam

    Politics is not easy see the election commission and they approach of conducting elections , 1 seat election cost of around 10 million so how me and you can participate we need to admit in one election imran can not give 272 tickets to yound people he has to pick and use some traditional politicians. If we go and see in rural areas same jagirdar, wadera system is there i have been trying but i can not conduct election in my constituency so if i take ticket and and PPP,PMLN give to some wadera and he won so how imran will bring the change.

    1 thing is for sure imran khan can not fic the match.

  5. you definitely have a reason to leave PTI because Pakistan still needs to be divided into 4 countries like Punjabistan, Pashtunistan, Balochistan & Jinnah pur. & your decision to support the old crooks will make this happen very quickly. Good work, my dear fellow.... Old Crooks really need your support to make their foreign accounts BIG & BIG.... Well done, lady!!

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  7. @ali g, if you are not agree with the lady then its not mean that you can abuse her, if you are PTI supporter then you can't use such words, I am 100% sure you belong to PML-N

  8. Bravo. Political views based on tooth paste. Mature stuff. I guess you will now follow Nawaz Sharif, with his foreign policy based on "Aloo Gosht".

  9. If if we dislike Imran,
    did we ever think whos next?
    Ok, hmm, then gimme a chance,
    same as well, i am not debauch, dishonest, corrupt or a traitor.
    I promise not to sell out to the Americans become a signatory to NRO.
    I love my army & pledge to embrace Shahadat amongst its ranks.
    Eeman, Taqwa, Jehad, Fee Sabeel Ellah.
    Pakistan Zindabaad, PAK Army Paindabaad.
    My dear youth, I think In these difficult time Imran Khan is a gift from Allah Taalah.
    Let us all say Shukar Alhamd o lillah & coin a new political history, away from corrupt & stale Political paradigm.

  10. @Ali g please refrain from personal everyone is entitled to have an opinion

    @Ali Awesome it was just an example and dont consider anything big or small even in QURAN ALLAH gave the example of a bee and a mosquito

  11. @arslank just an information for you i was a part of PTI's blog team but i left it...

  12. lol...god..seriously?? toothpaste? this has to be the best joke of the my dear NOT only don't know how to use a toothpaste you are also way too naive to comment on stuff you cant understand...i think it'l be best that you go back to watching your Shahrukh khan movies

  13. So tackling corruption, forcing all MP's to declare assets, raise tax collection and get the americans out of pakistan are all subjects of 'nonsense' and insignificant? Honestly, you deserve to live under Zardari.

  14. and to all the supporters of PTI i recommend you all last night Kamran Shahid's program it will definatley an eye opener for you hold of it.

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  16. my uncle has same point of view as yours ..

    vo kehty hain k aik purana driver he gari ko theek trah se chala sakta hai ...

    but mera question ye hai .. un se b or ap se b ..

    k agr purany drivers gari ka bar bar accident kar rhy hon to hamein aik dafa driver change kr k nhi dekh lena chahiye ... ??

    agr aik toothpaste ko different ways se use krny k bawajood mera toothache khatm nhi ho rha .. or barhta ja rha hai ... to kia mai apna toothpaste aik dafa change kr k na dekh ln ... ?? :)

  17. @shandana at least SRK khan movies has some sense unlike Imran khan's larger then life talks..its not cricket its politics..

  18. @Adeel do change ur toothpaste...but if u carefully read what i said...the new toothpaste which i am thinking of trying does not has the ingredients to solve my toothache then why would should i try it at first place?just for change??

  19. Well, go ahead Mariam Khan... elect those ediots who are the main reason for your "toothache"... sometimes, herbal medicine with such an ingredients whome you can't recognise, works great rather than the traditional medicine.
    now say whatever you wanna say to me, I'll never mind nor i'll look back to your blog. B'bye

  20. @insight i know like PTI its supporters are escapists too i have been dealing with them since long so no issues...when they have nothing concrete left with them they come up with lame excuses....

  21. Mariam, may I know when did you join PTI and when did you leave it? Any date, month, year in your mind? And who do you support now?

  22. Every body has right to take its own decision and i appreciate it. But i think u need to understand the politics of country in which u live. If their were a presidential form of government in Pakistan then it would be easier for u to vote for Imran khan besides all criticism that u do on his policies, but unfortunately now that we have a parliamentary form of government so it require numbers in parliament and politics from constituency to constituency is different dependent on baradaries,peers and wadairas etc so u must have to sacrifice some of your principles to get required numbers.

  23. Trying old tried, tested and failed is ok but cant try some one new who got a great track record in other fields :)

  24. Why don't you speak the truth? It stinks from your article that You NEVER were a PTI supporter. You have all the trademark LIES and DECEPTIONS of a person from NORA LEAGUE.....Nobody is going to believe your FABRICATED story.....LOL.

  25. wow....wot an intellect...:P wot tried option ...NS and AZ...:)both ruled for years and years...and still she wants to try em :p u can b only their blood relative to give them another chance :p..

  26. The Purana driver example to select ppl like Nawaz and Zardari again???

    They are blind driver and they never drive the car of Pakistan properly.

    so better try NEW DRIVER.

  27. @Khanese ask Imran khan to declare assests of all his MNAs n at kicking American one was aware about Hiqqani but ur so called awami leader knows about him before you justify this??ur leader always remain low profile on OBL issue...Raymond davis...rangers issue in karachi...Nato attack....critihsing foreign policy all the time n now taking SMQ in his team..taking mian Azhar into his league..just ask ur leader what he wants?honestly grow up PTI emtional supporters.

  28. Kitne paise liye hai apne Nawaz sharif se, yeh bakwass likne ki.
    No offense, from the picture you look mature, but from the writing you look extremely immature to me.
    These days I am seeing alot of stuff against Imran Khan after his Lahore Jalsa. Why you guys did not write before that.

  29. @XIA better get new driver who knows nothing about driving and finshed ur life once n for all wow great thinking

  30. Marium it seems u was never Imran Khan support

    for your information ppl named Haqqani before Imran Khan

    may be you and ur frnd sana bucha dont read much and even Mansroor Ijaz article a person dont need to be super human to know that the TOP DIPLOMAT WHO GOT LINKS IN WASHINGTON is NONE OTHER THAN HUSSAIN HAQQANI :)


  31. It was a poor analogy of toothpaste with Imran Khan Politics. I wish you come to London and I will take my time and show you just couple of properties that so called 'Shareef' family have acquired over short period of time at the expense of Pakistan.
    I just want to ask one simple question that bothers me do you really want to start criticising someone who has not even given a fair chance?

  32. How u know that new driver dont know to driver??
    and u stuck with BLIND DRVIER who has already destroyed the car (Zardari and nawaz) :)

  33. Yes my sure watching inane movies that bollywood churns out to corrupt impressionable minds like your's make perfect sense to you...not a person like Imran khan..who against all odd's made the cancer hospital that nobody believed would be possible in a country like Pak ...does it not speak of the will & determination this man has?..

    Please vote for PML N or sure you want them to sell of what is left of this country and tuck all the loot away in their swiss accounts...

    Like Khanese here deserve to live under zardari...

    Aisi qoum ki kia halat badlay khud apni halat nahi badalna chahay... what a shame indeed

  34. @freedom fighter why you people think who ever write against PTI is paid one??why you all have this insecurity?? i told you i was a diehard supporter of PTI n part of their blog team but i left because i started looking things in a more rational way...a leader who has nothing to say on Bolchistan...who get annoyed and angry on a question asked by a school girl...who is not concerned why people left his party rather saying ok fine leave my party....what kind of leader he is??why we look upon him when he dont care about us

  35. Mariam u should revise ur knowledge PTI needs ur suggestions, criticism and accepts all ur opinions carefully but that not the way to write it on the blogs u send all ur suggestions to pti leadership and demand for the future agenda but not doing this thing as u r, its awesome to see u

  36. GM RAEE She wants to try Zardari and Nawaz :D

  37. @Observer iam relative to Imran khan

  38. @Scandinavian i dont owe any explaination to you man.

  39. I appreciate this blog post. Same is the case with me. Firstly, i join PTI very anxiously and then afterwards, doghli policies of Imran Khan made me leave the PTI support in no time. Imran khan has nothing to do with his so called Manshoor.Youth ll select him this time but then they will get a leader with no vision at all. Best of luck Youth. You always learn from experiences.

  40. I asked the easiest set of question, but to no avail. Would you enlighten us, Mariam, when did you join PTI and when did you leave. And who do you support now? Let me add, who did you support before you joined PTI?

  41. shandana SKMT is build on our money...i never disagree with his social work he is a very good philanthropist so is EDHI ...but politics is way different from social work...and yeah i got sense that is why i left PTI a party based on weak policies....a party that never had any party election within itself....a party under dictator rule....

  42. I am not a stronger supporter of PTI but about this blog, it shows childhood.Its better to make a visit to doctor rather than deciding by ur own what is good for ur teeth, and if u r urself a really good dentist then u have to choose right not for the change. otherwise u ll spoil ur self and others. Hidden message inside.

  43. well mariam if u r a relative to IK then we can understand y u wrote this blog ;p rishtay daron mei chalta hey ...but sad thing is guys who ruled for years and brought us to almost annihilation u r ready to give thm another go...cruel like this cold europe december :)

  44. I must say, for PTI supporters, if something is against PLMN or any other party then it is more than logical and if something is against PTI it is called childish :) Grow up PTI supporters.

  45. @Sikander Fayyaz Khan i was supporting PTI for the last 6 years and i left when it was on talks with APML for a coilation way back in december last year...and before that i was not supporting anyone.

  46. PTI is a highly volatile party. People keep on joining this & people keep on leaving. Actually Imran Khan is not a leader, he is just an arrogant person who always thinks like a cricket captain. Every PTI fan will realize this sooner or later like mariam realized, like I realized, Like Ahmed Moaz (President ISF Punjab) realized, like Irtza Malik, Adnan Qureshi & thousands of more..All of them joined PTI & eventually left..
    So PTI fans earlier you realize better it is..

  47. @MazBari i wish you to come to Pakistan and see and experience how politics works here..people living abroad are far from reality....

  48. I started to be vocal in favor of any political leader was in 2006 & that political leader was none other than Imran Khan. I left PTI because of its alliance with PPP & PML-Q in the by elections of NA-123 & PP-160 in Lahore. From then onwards Imran Khan is completely silent over PML-Q and MQM, talks less about PPP & more about PML-N just false allegations. So gradually I turned against IK and now I beleive that IK is playing in the hands of same status-quo which is responsible for all the miseries of Pakistan.

  49. @Atif i know that toothache can easily be cure without going to doctor and rightly said i make the right choice by going back to my old toothpaste...otherwise i would definatly end up in more trouble

  50. so you dont think IK has a policy? what are the major problems Pakistan is facing now? and what is the stance taken by PML N MQM,ANP or PPP on these?

    Bad Economy..All due to the corruption done by leaders you so eagerly want to give them another chance?.. Do you this nawaz sharif will ever sell of his property in UK and bring it to PAk? u think zardari will ever sell his palace's and buildings owned in dubai and the million of dollars in swiss accounts back to Pak?

    Drone Attacks...which party other than PTI so vehemently protested against the drone attacks killing innocent people in our tribal areas? I guess for you...if you dont see the dead bodies...the amputated legs...the mourning mothers...the funerals on doesnt exist right?

    Terrorism ... Again.. what has the punjab govt or PPP ever done anything to pull out the root cause of terrorism in Pakistan? Has any of these parties ever talked about pulling out of this war that has brought Pakistan to this point?

  51. One very interesting thing (may not be for you) is that I was never against PML-N, after going through the history of Pakistan through different books, internet & blogs I had tremendous respect for Nawaz Sharif in my heart meanwhile Nawaz Sharif showed great determination in Judges restoration movement so I became NS fan meanwhile I was the supporter of Imran Khan but eventually I realized that what IK promises to do in the future, NS had already delivered that in the Past so I was in sort of switching state even I was tilting towards NS I had great respect for Mr Khan in my heart then all of sudden IK started an allegation based campaign against NS & that allegation based campain wiped out IK's respect from my heart completely and Now I hate Mr. Khan's politics. its tough to hate your national hero but yes I hate Imran Khan..

  52. Apparently She is working with pml(n) in collaboration with stupid Nusrat Javed from where i have seen this payrolled lady's column.

  53. @Mariam Khan: Although Imran Khan hasn't clear visions. And he never came to right and accurate solutions. But may be there is a problem in our understanding. As you said that we youth have no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant etc etc, And you are also a part of that youth. And we youth are not able to choose the right direction. So how you decided to leave PTI? i think you are also a part of Youth. isn't it? so Dude! please help me that if "NO IMRAN KHAN" Then Who? Your Article is "Moral Less". If you leave PTI, Then With Whom you are now?

    ( i haven't joined any party yet :-) )

  54. I don't understand onething from all PTI supporters comments why the heck in this world u think PTI is the only Patriot Party of Pakistan? U should give respect to other pakistanies, other political workers, other leaders. Give space to your opponents as well.

    Who started this war on terror? And wasn't Imran standing with that man? Was he ignorant at that time? Imran was part of the Parliament when Afghan War started, can u quote a single speech of Imran on the floor of the house against the war? Imran Khan is just trying to sell the old wyne in a new bottle. Nothing more than that. His destination is just PMship. Like others he also is a power seeker. In the history of Mankind not a single man ever demanded power to bring revolution.

    Mariam gave her opinion and we all should respect her. We may differ but we can't impose our opinion on her.

  55. Mariam could you tell me why you stuck with old one if there is no change happened and with which party?

  56. Basharat Ali sahab Musharaf started to be a part of war on terror and that was Nawaz Shareef who imposed Musharraf on us not imran khan. Imran khan support musharaf in starting because he wasn't know about the deeds of Musharaf and in starting Musharaf did a good jobs also thats why Imran was with Musharaf but Nawaz shareef was the real culprit who know him and bring him up from the bottom.

  57. @mariam nice post i agree with you.

  58. Adnan i must say that Imran khan is not against Nawaz shareef but his policies. Nawaz shareef is the only person who support PPP (Zardari) three years and made Nora kushti if he want he could come in opposition but he didn't. Now the situation is clear our institutes are being spoil and damage. Who was the insurance policy of Zardari, It was Nawaz Shareef(Munafiq).

  59. Read your article! well written! you expressed your thoughts! you have equal right to speak what ever you think better! and almost read all the comments of users and you replies! as you mentined you are relative to imran! may be you are! you said you are blogger from Insaf.. with sorry i never seen you blog there! or may be missed that! I'm Student i dont have time to watch tv but i go facebook and watch some stuff related to my party, and im regular viewer of for every update!

    ok now let me tell you some thing! i never tried to talk any body from blaming other parties! or making imran a super hero! you mentioned to watch his show with kamran shahid! you may have seen that that anchor was not giving a chance to imran for completing his words... any ways you shud hv a look at that program which he conducted days before with Rana Sana Ullah.!

    you mentioned he has no clear vision! i dont even think so! do you think they stupid politician have a vision who just waste 50 Billion Rupees on Peeli taxi! they are distributing it to those students who gained a knowledge of Busniess Administration, Finance, Bio and what ever! they are just trying to make all our nation a taxi driver! as a Finance Student even i think i can give CM sab a better option to invest in! Why he never ever invested that money in SME's?? (Small Medium Entrprise) that was the best option! with only 5 caror intial capital they can employ skilled and educated person accordingly thier education and profession! why dont you just critcise In parliment MPA's MNA??

    any ways you have Equal right to state you views!

    Long Live Pakistan
    Long Live Pakistanis
    Long Live Imran Khan

    (I am not a blind Follower, but a True Follower)

  60. Please talk concrete, what you actually mean, you are sheerly beating about beating around the bushed

  61. @bilal: What about MQM relationship with Zardari and PPP? Why there is no stance against target killing in Karachi from IK. Does Imran khan want to win only in Lahore. World knows about MQM but i think IK has to win only in Punjab. Lame Arguments. Be Brave. Spread in pakistan not only in Punjab. Criticise everyone especially PML Q. But IK behaves with them like brothers. What a Shame.

  62. @Bilal... he still is...isnt he...Nawaz still lets zardari rule..always threatening to resign from Punjab govt..but we all know they love power too much to submit their resignations.

  63. Although a comparison made on very weak ground, however i second Mariyam Khan's opinion......
    IK, a person possessing a charismatic personality no doubt, however is unable to provide us a clear vision..........
    Leave everything, PTI supporters just tell me wat iS Khan's educational policy?
    same as today?
    more than 12 different kinds of educational systems...

  64. you left PTI .. now what you want .. you want people start following you ?

  65. His Lahore Jalsa, and building up his reputation as 3rd biggest party over 15 years of efforts, and being considered as threat to N-league at least show that he at least is a "driver" - he can definitely "drive" your "car" ... whether he will be good or bad - no one can say before trying him - so chances of success are 50%. Compare it with a "driver" the success ratio of whom was proven to be less than 50%. So who is better?

  66. @Maryam Khan, Fabolous triangular analysis. I am convinced by your reason.
    Keep on writing and we need such youth like you, who have vision and at least the eyes of mind to see through the veil.

  67. @ Bilal

    Who did what nation knows better. If we accept ur point of view that it was Nawaz Sharif who impose Musharaf on Nation and he was culprit then why people of Pakistan gave him mandate? Either u have to accept the decision of the masses or u have non democratic approach. Musharaf's appointment was under rules. Army Chief selection process is that from Army 3-4 names are sent to appointing authority and it is statutory right of the Prime Minister to choose one. Was it written on Musharaf's face that he'll put the whole nation in such a disastrous position? or will he coup against the elected government. U know why Musharaf did that?

    Let me tell u my friend whosoever will have greed for power, will try to get it by hook or by crook. General Hamid mentioned few days back that Musharaf liked Imran Khan after his help in Referendum and wanted to give him some important assignment but Imran Khan wanted to become Prime Minister. Means a person having one seat of National Assembly wanted to become Prime Minister? What will u call to this approach? Because democracy stands with the majority but a Dictatorship approached think and allow u to become into power even if u don't have any mandate.

  68. Base less blog .....

    Mariam can you please tell us reasons rather to tell us some story?

  69. Nawaz league is really active these days and really afraid of Party of Pakistani youth PTI. This blog is one of the example how afraid PMLN is. Trying every bit to show that people are not going to PTI.

    I can only smile:) and i hope my comment will not be deleted by this PMLN blogger

  70. i really appreciate mariam what u wrote.. it really make sense.. good example of toothpaste.. :)but those who dont believe will never believe as they are blind in love of IK..

  71. "Youth: who are they?
    Engaging and involving youth is no doubt a very good initiative. What kind of Youth? Youth which have no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant and do not hesitate or don’t even think once before disrespecting their fellow citizens, senior citizens on the basis of political affiliation. Can we bring “change” from this kind of youth on board?"

    Agree with this part...more than enough proof above...

  72. PTI fans have become psycho patients.. they think that they are the only educated political class of Pakistan all others are paid agents of some party or the other. They are the at the worst level of loser mentality that they even quote devil if they find anything in there favor and did not spare Dr AQ Khan when he criticized Imran Khan.. I wish all the PTI fans
    Get Well Soon..

  73. Usman..
    If PTI were so popular than why Imran khan needs winning horses? Why he is accepting turncoats/lotas. Adding insult to injury he conducts press conferences with them. Its better for you to come out of the fantasy world as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.

  74. hey mariam.. well said.. the comments just prove ur point that these people really are intolerant to criticism. most of the youth are those who never understood politics and how it is practiced in our country.. to them its just a matter of Nawaz and Zardari.. When the same IK gets with mqm, they'll come up with excuses..


  75. Good decision and well said.

    Read My Blog
    The 'I' Khan |

  76. @MariamKhan

    Right, being neutral, Can I ask you which toothpaste, I mean, which political party you think you will choose now. After all human being cannot be non-political and for the sake of country at current time, the only solution is right political leadership.


  77. I am not a PTI supporter but I take the liberty of saying that Everyone has the right to form and express his/her opinion but i don't agree with what Mariam has said. I believe Whether Imaran khan is good or bad, this can only be determined once he has got power. Judging him before that at such an initial stage is unreasonable to the extent of being unfair to him.

    Secondly, as far as retrying the already tried ones hypothesis is concerned its totally absurd. Those who have been ruling the country from 1988 till to date (excluding musharraf's era) have disapponted massess of the country and thats the reson for blind following that Imran Khan is getting. It would be totally disastrous for the country if they are again given a chance as Maraim wants..

    With all due respect, Mariam has left PTI because she personally doesn't like it, not becase its not a good political party.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. Respect ur opinion. However,
    Why are you analyzing the ingredients of the new toothpaste only? Why not the previous ones? Honestly, the previous ones dont even qualify to be called "toothpaste".
    And if you are such an expert at analyzing toothpaste ingredients, why dont you put all the desired ingredients and make a new toothpaste?
    And since you cant and you wont, so dont underestimate someone else's attempt.
    Another point: Simply the ingredients do not matter, their quality and quantity is what matters most.
    What PTI supporters believe is, that the "new toothpaste" has the right ingredients with the best available quality & in the right proportions. Even if the ingredients are same as previous ones, we know that they are there for SURE.
    As far as previous ones are concerned, failing again & again means, the ingredients are substandard or were never there in the first place. The issues we have with the previous toothpastes much more critical than ingredients :)

  80. @ marrium khan

    watch this this is the answer of your Question

    agar logo me thori si bhi gairat bachi hai to
    Imran khan ka saath de
    peeth dikha kar nahe bhaage

    wo hamare liye siasat me zalil ho raha hai

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. @marium khan..

    u need a doctor :p

    you criticize imran khan who never been in gov...y not criticize the old ones(N & PPP)..

    IMRAN KHAN has nooo foreign accounts and foreign properties..even he has no mills and factories in Pakistan besides nawaz and zaradrii i dont wanna disscuss them..marium u have no politics sense,u have no sense of ppl judge...jusstt go to your doctor..Change cant be stop ..

  83. nawaz shareef ne kitne pesay diey meri jaan ko?

  84. Stupid people like you should join Zardari League or Nawaz League who are looting the country from decades. If you watch the speech of Imran at lahor you will became well aware of his policy.

  85. doesn't make any sense. weak arguments

  86. Maryam sab choro aap kharay hojao elections mein, i ll vote for u. no kiddin

  87. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  88. IMRAN KHAN is bastard......

  89. Pakistan ka Kuch nahi honey wala....
    agar PTI itni hi suchi hai, to nikalay Zardari ko bahir....

    Its politics and everyone is playing with the nation feels... Nawaz Shreef ka b ALLAH hi hafiz hai.... CHANGE is just easy to say....

    I wish all the people of Pakistan, get together and kicked out these parties PPP, PML-N, PTI, MQM, etc from Pakistan...

    And Students are the only one Choice if we wanna be a nation....

    God bless us....

  90. i am enjoying the aggression of PTI youth. This is what imran wants. Blood on street. Most of these youth only go to college/university. Don't know the bits and bytes of politics. They even don't know how to defend Imran Khan..Bechari youth..jab Argue nahi ho pata tou abuse kartay hain haha.

  91. IMRAN KHAN WILL surely sell Pakistan 2 USA and India........ he is agent of Jews..

  92. agree with Junaid and Mariam Khan

  93. i like ur blog mariyam, that is a reallity.

  94. plzzzz don,t vote for Imran khan....

  95. WoW! Nice miss Mariam,,,, my simple question. If u left PTI then it doesn't mean now u start campaign against which u left & blaim the youngsters. Coz u hve no authority to categorize young generation as they don't know the direction. Sorry to say this very pathetic if someONE trying to bring change we start blaiming him, regardless we have to support him, coz he took stand against the curropt SYSTEM, curropt POLITICIANS... so do hve ur right of choice and let others use their right of choice...thanks,,,

  96. hey I am not a fan of PTI i will not going to vote for it in coming elections , but to be very honest your blog & argument of leaving PTI dont make any sense.
    But you have the right to write & join or leave any party on your wish.

    best of luck

  97. @mariankhan one more lafafa journalist on zardari and nawaz pay roll ... I guess u ll never supporter of PTI team if u ll be then u just take things upto urslelf instead of telling these false things to others ... Quaid-e-azam's words are also larger then life and but he make this true with the help of youth, muslims of subcontinent and his steadiness .. u r such a coward who is really reluctant to see real face of change ... so grow up now

  98. What a crap!!!! I mean, hilarious indeed.. Such nonsense can not convince even a school boy with immature mind. Your arguments in the article are so weak and baseless that aren't even worth reading. Ms. Maryam, your thinking is still as immature as a child. It's you who needs to rethink about the whole matter. Just look at what all the previous governments has done so far and then decide if they even deserve another chance??!!
    About Imran Khan's vision, you need to know that every achievement starts with a dream. Even if his vision seems a fantasy to you, we the nation, with his help are going to make it reality! Mark my words!

  99. ........
    You wrote:
    "I was about to purchase it but before doing that I just go through the ingredients on the back of it. And I failed to find a single useful ingredient that will solve my tooth problem. So I realized that I should stick to my old toothpaste at least it has the required ingredients may be I am not using it properly or maybe I just over looked “the new and improved” version of it in my desperation of “change” and in my eagerness of trying something new."
    You also wrote:
    "His policies lack practical approach to the core issues. He talked about insignificant issues and without any concrete solutions. Mobilizing and gathering people on a platform. It is always the vision and practical approach to the national issues and international issues that can motivate people for a change. Identification of issues and problems is not what we require today."
    Which ingredient do you think is missing in PTI?
    1) Honesty & Integrity: Not a single finger has been pointed at him for dis-honesty or corruption.... He has been opposing Nawaz Sharif' govt (1997-1999), Musharraf's Govt (2003-2007), Zardari's govt (2008-2011).... Dont you think the Govts would have made a "great HUE and CRY" if Imran Khan had been involved in any irregularity... All the detractors can find against him is "His personal life matters like Wife, Youth Life before Politics", the JEWISH CONNECTION, the blame of being "Taliban Khan" or being a "Puppet of Establishment".... All this without any grounds.... just PERSONAL HATE SPEECH....
    2) Policy and Plans: PTI has a very clear Policy about every issue... Be it TERRORISM, FOREIGN POLICY, ECONOMY, TAXES, CORRUPTION, THANA CULTURE, PATWARI MENACE, Balochistan operations, DRONE ATTACKS and EDUCATION reforms.... What aspect do you see missing....
    PTI is the only Political party which has a Functional Think Tank "Insaf Research Wing (IRW)" for Policy making and analysis....
    Imran Khan is not a SAINT... niether are his TEAM MEMBERS... But then this nation has always been short of Saints (at least the past 64 years)... and He definitely is the BEST OPTION available to this "Still Unfortunate Nation"....
    p.s: We hope you are, "What you are pretending to be"......
    If you left PTI... Good luck for you anywhere else....
    With Regards,
    From FATA (the area that has NO voice except Imran Khan's to highlight our PLIGHT)
    Long Live PAKISTAN....

  100. @Mariam
    I respect your thoughts but just to tell you
    1). I am big supporter of PTI
    2). I can come with much better and logical reasons "against PTI" as compared to what you wrote.

    You mentioned PTI followers, YOUTH: with no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant bla bla... so do you think they, we, you and me will become visionary, civilized, tolerant and sensible if all of us simply stop supporting PTI?
    2ndly what if I tell you not only me but my father and grandfather also support Imran Khan just the way I do, I hope we can’t use above words for them, or?

    Comparison with toothpaste: I am sorry but it was a super fail example, in such case, I'll suggest you to ask your friends and family/ consult a dentist or at least explore the market a little more, definetly you will get one toothpaste much better than you older and one you just got fascinated with. (By the way yeh fascination wala toothpaste Zaid Hamid ho skata hey, Imran Khan nahi :p)

    Then you mentioned that even PTI supporters don’t have proper reasons to support Imran Khan, OK, I tell you I DO HAVE and besides 10s of other reasons, I would like to start with following

    1. when since 25 years of existing leadership we are already having miserable condition, to test a new leadership can either only improve it or at worst it will remain the same, so whats the big deal to test a new leadership, nothing to loose.

    2. I won’t bother if Khan comes with old faces because when THE LEADER is true, visionary, hardworking, sincere, there will be a definite top to bottom effect, how on earth it is possible that a leader allow his cabinet to continue corruption when he himself is not corrupt.
    I bet even if you give the same current, the most corrupt parliament we ever had, under the leadership of Imran Khan, you will see an overnight positive change in Pakistan, yes "change" because unlike zardari he won’t be taking any "share" in corruption.

    3. You asked what kind of change, what actually to be changed... well, I neither expect that Pakistan will be turned into Sweden in 5 years of Khan leadership nor I see any "inqilaaaab" but I really expect the CHANGE in following areas:

    i. massive reduction in corruption (even if a 50% reduction: this alone will save billions for Pak)

    ii. Better tax collection (even if only 50% better, it will make Pakistan to depend lesser on aid)

    iii. Start using our own natural resources (yes I know its not possible to start and produce in a day but having a goal is definitely better than not having)

    iv. self respect: we literally have just lost it, only 50% success in above 3 aspects will make us to think independently, will start giving us the feeling of self-respect, will help us to make our own policies.

    v. so called "war against terrorism", you know what I mean.

    OK... Cant write more details for now but look and just imagine: Only 10 to 50% improvements in education, health, police, finance, defense, industry, energy, railway, PIA, human rights, law and order, judiciary and foreign policies will be enough to make a CHANGE in Pakistan.

    Kind Regards.

  101. Imran Khan is the driver of PTI, no doubts. But driver ki marzi se to gaari nahi chalti. Gaari to udhar jaayegi jidhar Mere Aziz Hum Watan usay lekar jaayenge.

  102. well done girl...
    u r the true voice of the youth

  103. How old are? When you joined pti? when u last time vote to PTI? are any of ur family member ever in politics? if yes from which party they belong?

  104. dear mariam !i am not a pti member and i am not supporting pti, but its your own philosphy i apreciat your views except your expresions which are about "youth".Because i believe that a fate of a nation lies in the hands of its youth. in my openion imran khan talking about these youth.i think, people of pakistan will give chance to imran khan this time.

  105. To be very honest with you Mariam... First of all you know what is change but you dont know what is the price of change. The price for the change you want is blood shed which I dont think so you can deliver.. We people are the age of the Burgers no offence but thats the reality....And do you have any choice just by giving the votes to Punks like Zaradari and Nawaz or you are waiting for the Army who is saying them self we cannot fight with Nato and America... or you wana join MQM trust me I dont think so they will spare you if you leave them and you can write this Blog.... And what you have done in your life for the change inspite of dealing with bits and bytes... Come on kid get a life... You know I am not the supporter of IK or PTI I am also one of them who have given the GRE and just waiting for admission and no concerns with politics... And girl if you get the ticket can you compete and what if you compete stand in election do you think these rascals can make the fair polls and even to count those votes who are given in the regard of beauty....Look remember one thing to clear mud you have to make your hands dirty but once you clear it you can wash your hand and all the mud which is stick with your hand.... If you got this Example...And if you are giving me the history like change mao and all... always remember history is never straight... You dont know what these guys were and what these guys have done unless you have been part of this movement...So girl hold your anger and let the team deliver and if they dont then do what you have to do... or what you would have plan to do today after leaving PTI.. and what you can do by the way I hope you cant even stand without UPS.... I am sorry my words are harsh but thats true

  106. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  107. Hi, I have read your blog.It's quite very impressive to me that you express your thoughts and i guess we should all respect your thoughts.i was reading on to the some of the comments above that its stupidity and you don't know anything about Imran khan bla bla bla. For me imran khan he is a legendperson and he is the hope to us to bring change and revolution in pakistan.I really like your blog and your thoughts that bringing or gathering people on one plat form doesn't mean that you are a great leader..Well mariam i think he has very good leadership skills.He has everything what should a leader have. i suggest you to change the name of your blog that why i left PTI to what should we think about before electing our leader..I really appreciate your thoughts and i suggest others to respect everyone thoughts..Thanks

  108. pehly purana driver ny he gari ko kharab kia ab dobara usi ko driver banana chah rhi ho.. that's foolish ..

    main yeh kehna chahta hun k koi bhi 100% nhi ho sakta but aapky purany drivers to -100% ki taraf ja chuky hain ..

    or aap pakistan k wahid hospital k baray main bhool gaen hn woh dobara likh dain..

  109. Politics jazbaat se nahi zehan se kari jaati hai.. and u like many others leaving are all emotional. when it comes to be on national level u have to get the tried people.sum of them atleast.. jub tak power main nhe aiga to change kese aiga aur power main anay k liyay kuch kaali bhairon se haath to milana parega !

  110. I read your blog very keenly and concentrate on your thoughts, but I am sorry your think like a child, Dear, all of the politicians are traitors and dalals of pakistan, no one is sincere with the Nation and all of them trying to collect the wealth of our motherland and deposit it to their foreign accounts, they must be hanged to death and all the wealth must be bring back to [akistan, and this can only be done by a third party, may be Imran or someone else, but the new party must be given a chance to serve, otherwise we shall have regrets ifs and buts only and sorrows, so the time of change has come after the cancellation of 37 million votes, and registration of the genuine 37 million votes, if we honestly cast our votes to the right person or party, "THE CHANGE IS VERY NEAR" knocking your door. So, please all of you must be very crefule,,, thanks and Allah bless you.

  111. Imran Khan aay ga aur batay ga k leaders kesy hotay hain aur govt. kesy chalai jati hai(Inshallah)

  112. MashaAllah Dear Sis.. I totally agree on all points :) Nice Blog.

  113. @Marium u r right, I also left PTI when I watch kashif abbasi's program, in which hanif abbasi completely open the profile of Imran khan.... Now I realize to get new and improved toothpaste instead of getting fancy toothpaste....

  114. Imran Khan with Forty Thieves Going For "CHANGE" -Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf

  115. If you are watching News Beat At Samma then apko pta lg gya hoga ke Imran Khan ne kal Hanif Abassi ke jhoty ilzamat ka jawab de dia hai!!
    The plot which he took from Nawaz Sharif in 1987 was just like a reward because the team had won in India for the first time in history and after that he had donated both the plots to Shaukat Khanam in 1995. Is there any illegal thing?
    Secondly, the board of Governors issue is also fake.. he has categorically said that board of governors mai se aik banda bi aik rupia ni leta sab voluntary kam kr rhy hain!!
    Last but not the least, the board of governors have already sent legal notice to liar Hanif Abassi!!!

    Lastly, us Hanif Abasi ko sharam ni ati ke apni leader ki corruption bachany ke liye jisny 900 crore rupy RAIWIND Mahal per lagay wo pury mulk ke sab se bari donation hospital per ilzam lga rha hai

  116. @all, bombarded with comments,some attacked on personal grounds with abusive language so i delete their comments because i cant go to that cheap level and to reply them back...while some come up with their point view n thinking n i respect them all as i said every individual is entitled to have an opinion so does I.

    I wrote"why I left PTI" i never wrote "why you should leave PTI" there is an immense difference between the two,what ever i have written in this blog is entirely my own veiws and no where i said anyone to agree with me but yes i respect all those who comes up with positive critisim so that we could have a brain storming session instead of labelling n judging ppl n coming to conclusions.

    In my blog anywhere i critize Imran khan on personal grounds?I consider him a good player, a good social worker, and as i said so is Edhi who spend his whole life for social work.... i critized him on his policies because i with whole heartdly trusted him when he said that he will bring back Altaf hussain handcuffed, he wanted to form a democratic govt but how can we have a democracy with the presence of establishment,he was with Musharaf then left him and then again thinking of forming an alliance with him, he kept himself low profile on OBL issue, on Raymond davis on Mehran base attack, on Karachi rangers issue, on Nato issue,all these are national issues, related to the soverignty of our country why leader like him doesnt come up with something concrete??why not any dharnas on these issues??why only on drones?? why didnt he visit for condolence to the aggrieved families??for visiting them is it necessary to be in power??? is he an awami leader...does a man on street find any proximity with him???unanswered questions.

    He called himself awami leader when whole awam was unaware of Haqqani's name in memo how come he knows Haqqani's name before time??who told him?he always critized foreign policy of pakistan n now he has SMQ into his league? and Main Azhar?? he was with Nawaz sharif at one time and now he bash them on every single act...even on dengue ..cmon dengue was a natural calamity n epidemic and making mockery of it, is highly unethical to me... all these things ponders me to think am i relying on wrong person for a "change" is he the same who comes up with huge ideological speeches...or his speeches were mere speeches nothing solid or practical to act he is going against his own stance even without coming in i tried him before coming in power...and that is why i said i would give a chance to the tried one because i vsisbly see the difference between tried n the untried...

    noboday is perfect in this world n no one is pious like angles so is Nawaz Shariff but with all the loopholes n short cmoings they delieverd in terms of Motorway(since we had it so we will not appreciate it n will take it for granted)during nawaz sharif era Pak rupee was more stronger then indian curreny..pakistan economy was flourshing.... they dissolve their own governemt on Hakeem saeed's murder...despite of all international pressures Nawaz Sharif made Pakistan a nuclear state...came to the streets for restoration of judiciary...where were Imran khan during that long march?? recently yellow cap scheme...PEEF socholarships...ashina housing scheme...Danish schools...CNG bus services.


  118. @Mariam
    Altaf Hussain:
    At least he tried. Did anyone else even try?
    Nawaz Sharif is a product of Establishment and thats how he got power so early. IK has been in politics for 15 years and still has not tasted power yet.
    OBL, Raymond Davis, Drones:
    You fail to realize that all of this is a product of War on Terror. And IK has been raising his voice more than anyone else against this WoT. And you cant deny that. He is trying to address the root cause.
    Aggrieved Families:
    Amazed at your question. Its not a leader's responsibility to go to aggrieved families. His first and foremost priority is to take steps which would ensure that no family gets aggrieved. Not like shahbaz sharif, who reaches everywhere when everything has happened. Even a kid knows k jab kuchh ho jata hai toh wahan jana chahiye. Leaders are chosen to avoid such situations.
    Haqqani' Name:
    Muhammad Malik told IK. He has confessed it on TV.
    Mian Azhar:
    If he was with PML(N), why cant he be with IK? because of being with PML(N) or because he left it?
    As far as Nawaz Sharif is concerned, motorway k ilawa bhi hai kuchh? Try building institutions. IK did that without being in power. And that too was not his responsibility. It was the Govt's responsibility to build cancer hospital instead of going to the funerals of those being killed by cancer.
    Economy was almost dead when Musharraf took over. Pakistan was in HPIC countries. Pakistan became a nuclear state much earlier in 84 when we achieved the ability. Do not take away the credit from all the previous leaders who started, funded & supported the whole nuclear program.

  119. well mariam.. i wud say an excellent effort.. indeed its an eye opener for our immature youth following an immature leader :) one word- fabulous :) n i am sharing it on FB :P

  120. yaar bachi ne itni mehnat se article likha hai n ap sub peche hi ped gae ho uske...weldone marium try ur luck again may be some day media wil catch u to hear ur precious views...u know for pakistani nations how much important ur views are..cary on baby

  121. welldone, keep voting for PPP & PML(N)

  122. @ Maryam, excellent thought, hats off to u , N plz start writing columns in news paper Mam :)

  123. Why i joined PTI?

    Why I Joined PTI?

    A party with three perfect words and a proper noun.

    “Imran khan”, “Change” and “Youth”.

    Every real Patriotic Pakistani is understanding the depth of these three hopeful words.

    Imran khan: Who is he?
    A well-known cricketer, the one who brought world cup to the country in 1992, a proud moment for Pakistan. A very good philanthropist, made SKMT with the help of people of Pakistan and the then requested the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the land of SKMT for the sake of poor people because at that time Mian sahib was distributing the same land on the same basis for private Plazas and restaurants and few examples are still alive there that mian Sahib distributed the National lands for nothing and tax free, So its mean that Mian Sahib also realize Imran khan loyal for the country there for the man like Nawaz Sharif who only do the business did some social work and Imran khan provide this opportunity to a corrupt leader.


    Only Imran khan is the leader Know the exact meaning of change , when he explained that our

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) bring change , when he explained how Erdogan bring change

    in his country ,when i fully convinced that Allama Iqbal is his role-modal and

    when i insured that he likes mahathir mohamad

    I joined PTI when i fully understood the following policies

    Domestic policy
    Justice Policy

    Health care Policy

    Economy Policy
    Demographics Policy

    Foreign policy

    Freedom from Political, Economic and Mental Slavery - A self reliant modern Islamic Republic
    Freedom from Injustice - Inexpensive and quick dispensation of justice
    Freedom from Poverty - 50 percent increase in per capita income in 5 years
    Freedom from Unemployment - Two million new jobs every year
    Freedom from Homelessness - 2.0 lac new housing units every year and complete ownership right to millions living in Katchi Abadis
    Freedom from Illiteracy - Full literacy in 5 years
    Freedom to Generate Wealth
    Freedom from Fear - Complete Freedom of thought and expression
    Freedom for Women - Free education up to Matric for girls from poor households.
    Equal right for minorities - no religious discrimination

    Youth: who are they?

    70 % of the Population

    why i joined the PTI

    Fazal ali

  124. "But on reality grounds his policies lack practical approach to the core issues."

    For instance?

  125. Well its useless to convince her she said by herself Nawaz shairef has delivered in terms of Motorway.... Haha

  126. Once i was an activist of PTI as well... I did some handy jobs for pti in regard of a blogger of PTI website, blogs and articles.. why i left PTI was i saw non of a credible person in PTI, no manifesto, no justice itself in party... those who worked for pti in late 2004-05 was named as a former PTI worker and they placed them in the back... It really hurts when khan talks about change just like Barack Obama did, but instead of starting this "change" thing from grass root he is just looking for his win... and filling his party with the old faces of corrupting... I've yet not decided with whom i will go next but the piece of writing might help me for the decision...

  127. sorry to say but if you are an immature, directionless youth... don't blame others!

    I guess you just came out of the Egg shell you live in.

    I am waiting for your pro PML or PPP post for your support to them.

    16 years before, ppl use to say the same and claimed that he is just a cricketer and nothing else.

    Now when he was able to gather millions of ppl with him, you ppl have started criticising again.

    Your post is pathetic. Go n get some sensible topic to write on.

  128. its not imran khan who has vision but it is your blindness which cannot watch the reality. I have never ever seen a leader who is so so so vocal in his policies. so youth of pakistan is strongly disagree with u miss marium. open your eyes

  129. Dear Mariamkhan i am very happy that u had good views about PTI u i would like explian u that u r runing behind fake and propaganda shadow....after the successfull Rally at Minar-e Pakistan all PTI aagainst Parties start create fake abusive propaganda against PTI by thier managed and planed team on every FB forum and all other media's.....those people who using abusive and cheep language by PTI, actuly they not belong to real they belong to PTI against demorlize destablize and PTI follower's.......mostly those people are hired by against PTI parties and they r on payroll by thier parties and they are jobless and spend all the time on FB all forum's and internet and in every where media's to demorlize and destablize PTI follower to degrade PTI...............IF u will think and reseach about this facts...InshALLAH U WILL get ur all answer of ur question..........

  130. hamza can u win a seat? if u ur self establish a party for change if yes i will be with u and if not thn please vote for imran khan.

  131. & i only never understood how "Only Imran khan is the leader Know the exact meaning of change" why not others? comon PTI's Followers grow up now... some of others are still in our society who actually changed Pakistan and served it well... Just like Sir Edhi, Sir Abdul Salam, Sir Ansar Burney, Sir Abdul Qadeer Khan... so why you guys only think this is the only leader... making hospitals are something different when it comes to running a state.. wining worldcup is not an extra ordinary thing Ricky Pointing won 3 consecutive world cups for his nation...

  132. @Expert Bloger I'm sick of this word "change" Obama did a huge blunder of "change" with his nation and it is cleared to me... half of his senate have already lost their seats in mid term elections.. & i'm sure about that... 5268 drone attacks on Pakistan.. this change he is talking about..? if i would have to create a party i would rather use a different word and I've not decided yet.. & i better know and can decide whom I've to vote it might be MQM because they also talks about change and they believes that MQM is a party for Middle Class people... so i don't see much difference in both

  133. i like it
    may b she is right or wrong but she feels pain for Pakistan and can do some catharsis on base reality and age dosent matter
    u guys forgot the age of Muhammad Bin Qasim and Hassan RA ans Hussain
    keep it up sister

  134. well Mariam Khan Hats OFf ! no words to praise ur column .. simply fantastic and words of ma heart .. 110 % agreed to u .. may Allah bless u

  135. imran khan has acheived alot in his bring change two things are required honesty and will power and imran khan has both these elements.your thoughts are biased.if i am a good student in the university still i cant demand to be the vice chancellor of the university.same applies to the youth joining pti if u r seving pti for 4 years and demanding that u shud be given a ticket to the next election then its better u have left the party nobody needs idiots anywhere

  136. hahahahah...youth who has no direction...i think u has no direction....grow up my child...

  137. Well written !! Today i was watching IMRAN KHAN disrespecting a YOUTH bcz the boy asking question to him was a PML-N supporter !!

    I have witnessed PTI supporters disrespecting out hero Dr Avdul Qadir Khan and that too on official page of PTI !! Reason??? Dr Abdul Qadir raised few questions on PTI policies !!

    I am YOUTH and i have no respect whatsoever left for Imran Khan after watching him criticizing & disrespecting a Youth member for speaking against his policies !!

  138. hamza ek do cancer hospital banaday yaaar buht aasan hai lolz u people know shit about your own lives and criticizing a person who has massive achievements.what is your position in the society mariam khan you haven't achieved anything.if you have a vision make a party and fight.YOU CANT STOP THE TSUNAMI JUST BY BLOGGING SHIT.thanks for leaving pti u must kicked out i am sure

  139. please i can explain pti and imran khan if you want to listen me, i am from imran ahmad from manchester uk my number is 00447958748251 if you send me your contact by sms i will call you please



  142. Im sad, Missy you really dint understand Khan's ideology... i suggest you to read his books and before that, Please Read Iqbal.. Khan will reform Education and Islam......

  143. @All don't you think after 30 OCT many abruptly there is an increase in PML(N) supporters, which doesn't seems logical at all. Obiviiously credit goes to Media Cell of PML(N)
    This is my general view plz don't correlate it with this topic.
    @Taimur you are absolutely right.
    @Marrium their is always a hell of difference in selecting a toothpaste and a Politician.
    First of all if u had a toothache you must consult a dentist.
    And now what is a "practical approach".
    A practical approach is nothing. Actually before making any thing an Ideal Version is simulated and keeping in mind that Ideal Version Practically possible thing is made. And then this is compared with Ideal Version and a practically approachable thing is made.
    If before making anything u had a practical model in ur mind u can never be able to achieve maximum output.
    If you are confused with what kind of change we want don't impose it on others.
    Most of us know what kind of change we want,
    We want change in the leadership of this country.
    We want a leader
    with credibility
    have a vision
    must be honest.
    Which can be none other than Imran Khan.

    Now talking about your old ingredients,
    When he had no winning candidates everyone is blaming there is no other known personality in PTI than IK.
    Now when people started to join PTI all of these are old faces how can they bring change.
    Change will come through Imran Khan.

    If members of Q League join PTI then they are controlled by Establishment
    If they made a forward block and join PML(N),,, they are our old companions
    This is the height of double standards.

    If anyone can't bring change with old faces how can Nawaz sherrif can
    Who don't have even a single new face

  144. @ Dr Fahad hasnain

    You are talking about achievements !! I guess none of any Politician/General has as great achievements as Dr Adbul Qadir has !!

    He did left everything , luxuries for sake of PAKISTAN !! And how sad when PTI supportes abuse him??

    Why don't Imran Khan teach some ethical lessons to PTI members instead of disresping a youth members of other parties in open forums??

    Check tone of your visionary leader SIR IMRAN KHAN , the way he is disrespecting the Youth is DISGUSTING !!

    And what achievements are you talking about?? Winning world cup?? Off course he was good cricketer !! Younis Khan also helped us to win T-20 WC !! Ponting helped Australia to win World Cup thrice !!

    And about hospital !! We do appreciate his efforts for the hospital , but does it make him only good candidate for PM??

    If this is the case dn lemme tell you that Sharif Family is running 3 hospitals and they didn't get a single peny from any other source to build those hospitals !! Ibrar Ul Haq is also fighting agsint CANCER and his achievements are similar to IMRAN KHAN !!

  145. And can anyone tell me about his team??

    Fiaz Timan (Ex MNA of PML-N) who was sacked from PML-N bcz of fake degree issue is now respectable member of PTI !! Imran Khan did openly congratulate him to join party during Chakwal Jalsa by sitting alongside with him on stage !!

    And i can give you details of 51 such Ex-MNA's MPA's with fake degrees, corruptions charges, land mafia etc !!

    Can IMRAN KHAN bring change with such old faces???


  146. PTI = PML-Q under new flag !!

    Surely they will get short term benefits with these OLD & strong political candidates but on longer term they will be blown away like PML-Q

    Now see the members of PTI team and think that is PTI bringing real change with these OLD , CORRUPT leaders or is it hunger for Power??

    1Abdul Rasheed Bhatti Lahore PPPP Ex. MPA Raiwind PP-161 .

    2 Arbab Dost
    Muhammad Khan Pershawar PPPP Cousin of Communication . . Minister Arbab
    Alamgir Khan (PPPP)

    3 Asghar Khan Khalil Peshawar PPPP Brother of Yasin
    Khan Khalil

    4 Barrister Mansoor Sarwar Narowal PMLN Son of MNA Ch.
    Sarwar Khan, . . . PMLN

    5 Brigadiar Rahat Amanullah Bhatti, Mureed K.
    PPPP Ex-Ticket Holder PP-. . 162

    6 Capt. (R) Nisar Akber Khan Faisalabad
    PPPP Ex MNA NA-82

    7 Capt. Javaid Haripur (Cousin of Gohar Ayub)

    Chaudhry Ishfaq Taj Shakargarh PMLN Ex-MNA

    9 Chaudhry Shahid Akram
    Bhinder Gujranwala PMLQ Former Federal . . Minister for Law &
    Justice, MNA (2002);

    10 Commander (R) A. Qayyum Khan Attock PMLN Ex
    Ticket Holder

    11 Dilawar Shah Roghani Peshawar Husband of Ex Provincial
    Health Minister, . . . Mrs. Mehr Taj Roghani

    12 Dr Mehr Taj Roghani
    Peshawar Ex. Provincial Health . Minister (from 2002-2008)

    13 Faiz Ullah
    Khan Kamoka Faisalabad PPPP Nazim Faisalabad PP-68 . . . . . 19417 1

    Farooq Amjad Meer Lahore PMLN Ex MNA, Lahore Naib Nazim NA-127

    15 Hamid
    Sarwar Lahore PMLN Ex Nazim, General Secretary District Lahore . . .

    16 Hassan Abdal Attock PMLN Ex. President PMLN District Attock

    Ifthikar Ahmed Soomro Shikarpur PPPP Ex. MPA (85-88) Farhan Kiyanir
    of Elahi B. Soomro ( Ex Federal Minister & Speaker NA) PS-10

    Iftikhar Hussain Karachi PPPP Contested NA-239 in 2002 Elections .

    19 Major (R) Javed Nasrullah FErozwala Ex Tehsil Nazim

    20 Malik
    Sohail Khan Kamrial Attock PMLN / RUNNER UP 2002 NA-

    21 Malik Zaheer
    Abbas Khokhar Lahore PPPP NA-128

    22 Masood Ahmed Bhatti Kasur Yaqoob
    Sethi Votes in 2008 PP-175

    23 Mehmood Jan Khan Peshawar PMLQ Ex Ticket
    Holder PF-7

    24 Mian Muhammad Azhar Lahore PMLQ Ex MNA, Ex.Governor of . .
    . . Punjab, Ex Mayor Lahore, Ex President PMLQ.

    25 Mr. Ashfaq Tarar
    Gujranwala Nephew of Ex. President, Mr. Rafiq . . . Tarar.

  147. 26 Muhammad
    Mazhar Saeed Nankana Sahib (NA-135, PP-171 District . . . . . . .
    Nankana Sahib) NA-135

    27 Muhammad Shawaiz Khan Attock PMLN Ex. Tehsil

    28 Nadeem Abbas Gujrat PMLN Ex Ticket Holder for Provincial
    Assembly . . . . (2002) PP-111

    29 Naseer Khan Charsadda Ex-MPA, KPK

    Nawabzada Umar Farooq Hoti Mardan ANP Son of Mr. Nawabzada . . . .
    Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, MNA ANP

    31 Nayyab Hayat Babar Nowshera PPPP
    Nephew of Ex. Interior Minister, Major . General Naseerullah Babar

    Noor Muhammad Bhabha Vehari PPPP MNA / Contested PP-238 in 2008,

    Qurban Ali Khan Nowshera PPPP Ex-MPA (2002), Runner up in 2008 with . . .
    7753 Votes (ANP's Pervez Ahmed 9531) PF-16 8691

    34 Rai Aziz Ullah Khan
    Sahiwal PMLQ Ex MNA NA-162

    35 Raja Nadir Pervaiz Faisalabad PMLN Ex MNA
    NA-85 36 Sardar Aqil Umer Lahore PMLQ Ex Ticket Holder (2008) NA- . .

    Sardar Arif Rasheed Lahore PML Ex MPA, Ticket holder on NA- PMLQ NA-129

    38 Sardar Kamil Umer Lahore PMLN Ex Ticket Holder NA-128

    39 Sardar
    Muhammad Ali Attock PMLQ Ex. MPA, PMLQ (2002) . PP-17 41770

    40 Sardar
    Mumtaz Khan Basal Attock PMLN , Ex. Ticket Holder PMLN (2008)

    41 Shahbaz
    Kisana Faisalabad PMLN Ex Ticket Holder and Activist NA-71

    42 Shahzada
    Nisar Ahmad Jilani Chitral PPPP PPP candidate for MPA, . . . District
    Chitral PF-90

    43 Sheikh Mian Abdul Ghaffar Lahore PMLN Ex Chairman Town
    Committee, . . Raiwind.

    44 Shakir Zareen Gul District Mansehra PPPP
    Nephew of Ex-MNA Zargul . . Khan

    45 Syed Ejaz Hussain Bukhari Attock MMA
    Ex. MPA, PML and secured 24808 against PPPP's 30875 PP-15 .

    Zafarullah Marwat, Laki Marwat PMLN Ex-MPA PF-

    47 Zar Gul Khan Mansehra
    NDF Ex-MPA, NDF PF-58 7

    48 Zareen Gul Charsadda NDF Ex-MPA, NDF

    49 Mian
    Mahmood ur Rasheed (Jamat Isalami to PTI then to PML Q then again PTI
    land mafia in Lahore)

    50 Ijaz Ch (Ex Myar Lahore defaulter of billion
    kicked from JI on corruption),

    51 Aijaz Jazi (PML N, PML Q, , jua addas
    and wine supplier in RWP

  148. @ Muhammad Azeem

    There is no harm if he accept electives from other parties with strong background but they should be clean as he is claiming since last 16 years !!

    I think Imran is ruining all his efforts of last 16 years and PTI manifesto as well by including old faces with CORRUPT background !! B L U N D E R it is

  149. @Greenish Heart

    If all these MNAs/MPAs could not perform under PML(N) or PPP or any other party, that does not mean they cant perform under IK. Thats where leadership comes in.

    Your point is like "Kyun k jab tum meray saath thay tu shaitan thay, iss liye kahin aur ja k farishtay nahi ban saktay"

    Just because PML(N), PPP and others made them do dirty politics, so now their right to try again (specially in PTI) should be condemned forever.

    But those who allowed all these above MNAs & MPAs to be corrupt while being their leaders, Unn k liye koi fatwa nahi hai???

  150. there is no harm in selecting a long as it is a toothpaste.....the old ones are all cheap 'mangans'......The most imp thing that pakistan needs in its leaders is honesty and 'balls'to say no. Atleast imran promises to takes two steps in the right direction...remember...a wrong step taken take you thousands of miles away from your destination.

  151. hahahahahahahahahahahahah this nothing then shit putting thz kind of articals why i leave........

    marium have u read financial time before 30th-oct-2011 ?

    i nvr bother to read ur all artical and just random checked and got 30th He called himself awami leader when whole awam was unaware of Haqqani's name in memo how come he knows Haqqani's name before time??....
    go and read financial time artical, aft reading em sure u will feel shame on ur artical.... and even shah mehmood qurashi maybe inform him......

    allah said in quran..... jub haq batil say tak rata hai tu batil ka khatam ho jata hai........

    pml-n jitni marzi koshish kur ley, ab youth in ki baat nhi mane wali.........

    marioum, fozia, shazia, sadia, nabila rahilaa... jitne marzi rolay wallay artical likh lo......

  152. as much as i hate fauzia wahab... to qoute her.."lagta hay rana sanaullah phir se apna siasi mannjann bechna shuru hogaya hay" .. that would explain the toothpaste story and the PML N connection

  153. With reference to give IK a chance:

    It's like I don't like/love any guy to get married, so I go for arrange marriage as this is the last resort? :D

  154. I also don't like PTI and Imran Khan but could never found proper words to show my understanding towards PTI and Imran Khan. Your sentence "new tooth paste with bad ingredients" have solved my problem. Fantastic analogy. And believe you me, PTI if God forbid comes into power will deteriorate Pakistan as does a bad tooth paste our teeth.

  155. I dont understand what Marruaim trying to say ... she just tell me what i vote for ???????????? if IK is not the best option then who else is ????

  156. naik kaam keya app ne shukar juldi khayal aa gaya app ko:P

  157. he is the only man who can bring a change...

  158. their could be 1001 words to say about Marium's opinion. i dont want to get detailed debate. but people here are disappointed infact very much disappointed.

    "So I realized that I should stick to my old toothpaste at least it has the required ingredients may be I am not using it properly or maybe I just over looked"

    you might belong to the class that hasnt been effected directly, yet. but general public have crossed that threshold level, and you might regret your decision.

    wish you all the best

  159. maryam aap ko mubarak ho Allah nay aap ko sahee waqt par sahee fesla karnay ki toufeq dee, lakin jo log aap kay feslay ki mukhalfat kar rahay hain un ki misaal aysay hay kay, insaan nabeena shaks (andhay) ko rasta dekhaa saktaa hay lakin aqal kay andhay ko koe rastaa kay say dekhaa saktaa hay lihaaz yee jazbatee noujawaan sirf andhee taqleed main lagay hain in ko lagay rehnaay do in ko jab aqal ayey gee jab PTI sirf aik kings party ban jayey gee phir in hazraat ko ehsaas ho gaa, in ko tajarbaa kar leenay dain phir yee budhoo lot kay ghar ayeen gay Insha Allah

  160. If this blogist (Mariam Khan) is front ov me i cud just laugh at her .. hv you read the reason why she left PTI? she said
    "I believe it is always better to give another chance to something which you have tried before, only when you can visibly see the difference between the tried and the untried. The new ride which you are trying to go for is not the one which is required by you."
    and she is referring it with her toothache and a tooth paste. can you judge her level of making decisions?

    mujhe bachpan mai hi pata chal gaya tha k jab ek insan corrupt ho to usay dubara chance nahi dena chahiye coz wo dubara bhi corruption hi karay ga.. kisi new ko chance do may be wo theek niklay..

    another reason from her artical she said:
    "What kind of Youth? Youth which have no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant and do not hesitate or don’t even think once before disrespecting their fellow citizens, senior citizens on the basis of political affiliation."

    I'd challenge you to go and attend at least one jalsa of Imran khan. you will find the thousands of most disciplined youngster around him and they all are from best universities in Pakistan.. BNU, NCA, FAST, LUMS, NUST, PU, UET etc.. do you think youngsters from these universities are ignorant, hv no vision? no sense of direction?
    and students form other colleges like MAO, Diyal Singh and Mansoora are the best youth of this country? sorry no hard feeling if some is from one of these colleges it's not about individuals. it's about the level of education and growth or their mind.
    and she doesn't even know about what change PTI talks about lol..

  161. Mariam might have given the wrong example but the thing which she is trying to explain is great ... We all know the problems, we all know the solutions what we lack is the methodology of achieving them.. Imran Khan tells us what to achieve how to achieve but Goals should always be SMART sensible check measurable check Attainable check Realistic check Timeline uncheck and this is the thing which he lacks cmon elections at police stations LOL corruption less country you joking the ideas which Imran khan presents in improvong this country are also great but these plans are VERY LONG TERM plan which will take atlease 6 to 8 years... Cmon he can not just come and fire everyone these are the expectations .. so i dont think he has any plan for very short term and short term planning

  162. Sabse Pehle To mai Un Sab Bhae Behno ko Salam karney ki Bajaey Laant Dounga jo ye kehtey hain, Imran khan hi Pakistan ko Bacha sakTa hai, Imran khan pakistan ko Badal sakta hai.
    Pakistan ko Hum log Apne Amal sE badal saktey hain, Jaisi Riaya(Awam) hogai Waese hi Hukmaran Hongey, MAi bhi PTI se bht Mutasir tha Mager Ab Nahi.. Imran Sahab Apni kahi huvi BaaT se Aisa Qalabazi lagate ja Rahey hain jaise Inho ne Wo baaT ki hi nahi ho, Pehle mushraf ki Himayat ki, Ab Borai kar raha hai, phle Wadero jagerdaro ki Buriya ki k inke ilye koi jaga Nahi r ab wohi iski party m Arahey hain. OR Inke us interview se m bht ziyada udas huva jab inse inki x Girl frnd k bare mai pouch liya gaya, k Seetawhite jo k apke sath rehti thi bina kisi nikkah k r uske sath se Apki 1 larki b hai. To Imran khan ne Tala tol shuro kardi or Phr ye Kehdia k ye mEra zati mamla hai, koi q isme inter fear kar raha hai. jis per inko kaha Gya k app Zana k Zamrey m atey hain r Zani ki Saza to sansar karna hai to inho ne hans k bat taltey huve kaha k wo meri B.V thi. is se Qabal k kisi r baaT se parda uthta Seetawhit inki x Girlfrnd Car Accident mai mari Gai.. :) or Raaz Raaz hi Reh gya.. Is video ka link mai Talash kar k ap logo ko yahi share karonGa.. kahi ap sab ye Kahani smjho.. ku k App sab PTI ke Andhey suporter ho. App sab wo log ho. jo sirf wo dekhtey r suntey ho jo app log dekhna r suna chahtey ho. Simple..

  163. spot on Danish Javed...i guess Marium Khan hasn't heard the phrase

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. It's funny how every one here who support's the blogger's point of view here starts on with "MAIN BHE PTI KA SUPPORTER THA...lekin"... or "I USED TO LIKE PTI...but now"... come on PML N supporters...can you be a bit less transparent than that...its starting to sound really pathetic now bordering on idiotic. LOL

  166. SALAM MARYAM..!

  167. hmmm now who's gonna reimburse me my 5 min, I spent reading this article?

  168. i live in karachi.. and now i m MQM supporter.. Bcz MQM k leaders imran khan ki Trha ye nahi keh Rahey k hum ye karlenge wo karlengey.. MQM jagerdaro r wadero k khelaf thi hai or abhi b hai.. na k PTI ki trha Dougly policy chal rahi hai Awam ko apni taraf Qail karne ki. :)

  169. mariam u may be right or u may be wrong ........... but its the matter of future ..... no body can share the full plan before the odience ... as if we talk abut the present leaders who have told u abut there planes.... did zardari come to the tv screen and tells u that how he will gone embrace the economy ... or wht will be the foreign policy ..... like same imran khan can just give u the over view of his plans ..... he is not a chartered accountant or a profession who will make the budget or the economic 5 year plan .... a leader does not mean that he shud be gud at all the operational activities ... but a gud leader is who can drive these operational activities smoothly ...... as a crickiter imran khan didnt win the worldup alone there was 10 more member of the team ... imran khan was just a part of it ..... so he can just gives u the over view not the whole plane .... and even if he will tell u the over all plane ..... u will not gonna understand :) .... cuz u r not a charterd accountant or u didnt have a degree in intrnational relation or u are not a defence expert to understand the operational plane..... he has just givin us the hope ....he is just a part of hope ........... or if u can sugest any other gud leader that have the planes and he tells the planes to public than plz let me know ..... ill vote him :)

  170. @ Mariam khan: very good English miss, but vague writing.... so sory, cant agree.... bring some solid reasoning, otherwise dont waste the cartridge......

  171. Shahrukh Khan Vs Imran Khan??

    lol Pathetic Movie Freaks Like Shahrukh Khan...and if you think that Shahrukh Khan is SOMETHING BIg! you are Pathetic...

    I Khan on Other hand Has Totally Different Ground to Work On!! Why Dont you Ask some Other Politicians who doesnt lack any political ground to Gather such People on Meenar e PakIstan?

  172. Marium you have a Practical approach and your blog is close to reality.

  173. O miss new writer kitni qeemat lagi hay tumhari???Allah se daro us ke han bhi jawab dena hay ek din...tumharey sar pe to Nawaz ka hath hay for sure per yeh bhi SUNLO JISKE SAR PER ALLAH KA HATH HO USKA KOI KUCH NAHI BIGAR SAKTA.. KERLO KOSHISH khan sahab or na pti ke lover ko ap logon ki is cheap harkaton se koi fark nahi parta...huh

  174. Peson pe bike wali cheap level tak nahi gir sakti comments bardasht nahi Howe to delete kerdye.... Shame on u tum jese logon ki wajha se America main yeh mashoor hay ke PAKISTAN TO $10 MAIN BIK JATA HAY HUH U B*****

  175. Wah! a stream of comments.... (yeah i went through initial 10 or so......)

    Lets go through your questions again!

    IMRAN KHAN: A great cricketer who brought back the cup. May not be a very good politician, but no doubt about his leadership skills.

    CHANGE: We want change in the systems. We want to see our tax money to be put to good use. We want the police on the streets, and not on security for some high ranking Minister. We want an end to corruption. We want an end to racial discrimination. We want our economy to grow! We want energy crisis to end. We want an end to street crime and kidnappings.
    Now, we may want a lot of things to Change, and we do not know if Mr. Khan can deliver this but, we certainly KNOW what we want.

    YOUTH: The youth has no sense of direction or vision, and that is exactly why someone is needed to knock some sense into them. To give them a sense of direction! Can we expect a Drastic change or Revolution from this kind of youth? Probably not, but nevertheless, we need the support. And yes, even this kind of Youth is passionate. Only requirement is channelizing the passion and aggression to something constructive (our country, eh?).

    Now I dont know if Imran Khan is the right person for the job. I dont know what the future holds for us. Imran Khan might turn into a power hungry politician once he is in such a position. But who do we have other than him? The "Roti Kapra Makaan" government or Nawaz? Are'nt two terms in the federal office enough to prove themselves. If its about giving chances, then lets give one to the cricketer. In the given circumstances he seems to be the better of the worst lot.

    And please, Bollywood? here? come on........

    Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense otherwise you will end up in more mess? I dont think so! Even if the change does not work out for us, we will know who not to vote for in the next term. Think Positive.


  176. Hi there, you point out the three things. Here is some food for thought for you. Look at all the other politicians of pakistan. At the moment looks like Imran Khan is the only hope to make things better. On the surface he appears to be honest and I guess the only politician without a criminal history.
    Sure you would try a new tooth paste if you knew that the current toothpaste is going to kill you tonight.
    I hope you dont support nawaz sharif or zardari, I will need to write a never ending blog post there :)

  177. "But on reality grounds his policies lack practical approach to the core issues."

    For instance?

  178. @greenish heart zardari and sharif only talent is corruption and destruction so everyone under them has to do the same coz their leaders are doing only change the leader honest sincere then watch even those same people would start performing well.and plz shaukat khanum hospital is a world famous hospital cannot be compared to any hospital in Pakistan it is by far the most modern.who has given authority to shareef and zardari and their kids to rule Pakistan.we had enough of the tsunami is coming save your shareef n zardari.

  179. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammad praised Imran khan and said Pakistan is going to have a sincere leader they must respect and support him.
    So it says it all how can you deny this comment from a gr8 leader who has taken MAlaysia to new heights.We are supporting imran because he is standing for a cause and at lhr people went there for a cause who said Imran is going to save Pakistan WE are going to save Pakistan with our leader IMRAN KHAN

  180. Using Your old tooth paste was d reason that u didnt use it properly but trusting on the same politicians again is like giving the crook another chance to safeguard your home

    Your comparison of tooth paste seemed to me like a speech being delivered by the donkey in white house u compared two things a country that if taken in terms of economics is a macro level and has macro problems on the other hand tooth that is inside your mouth standing on the jaw is a micro problem the maximum that will happen is u will take out your tooth and throw it but what if your current youth paste is a problem and this issue becomes a macro level issue the company will close down similarly we have given enough to these crooks and we say No MORE TO CURRENT AND OLD POLITICIANS U HAVE MADE ALOT FROM PAKISTAN.

  181. bullshit... mariam khan ... shes soo doopy . watever i have read in this article all bullshit.. if u are comparing the problems of pakistan with ur tootache wot u think the readers will get the impression ? you are a looser already mariam

  182. if a young educated,intellegent pakistani still want no change then ...pakistan need to wait for another 60 years...and at that time we all might be paying taxes for breathing and paying bills for SUN LIGHT.

  183. Marium it so well written . I'm glad that you are brave enough to write the fact. keep it up!

  184. ali hahaha vr funny mariam khan this is like s story "why i left islam" when a non muslim who never was a muslim says i was a muslim and i left islam on these another move from pmln,lol

  185. aqel bay maya imamet ki sezawar nai!
    rehbehr ho zen o tekhmeen to zebon kar e hayyat!
    fiqer bay noor taira, jezb e amel bay bunyad
    sekht mushkel ha k roshen ho sheb e tar e hayyat
    khoob o na khoob amel ki ho gira wa kiyon kr
    ger aap na ho shaar eh israr e hyyat. (iqbal)
    maalom han muj ko tairy ahval keh me b !
    muddet hoi guzra tha isi rah guzr se !
    ye murda ha naza ki halat me girftar
    jo felsfa likha na gia khoon e jiger se

  186. me imran khan ki siyaset se agree nai krta.
    ye osi trah ho ga jaisay k bhotto ko aagay lay gia or os k janay k bad osi ki party ne mulq or koom ko lotna shro kr dia. aj phr aik or bhotto ko otha kr humra se voi ho ga jo ajj PPP qoom k sath kr rehi ha. humian aik disciplined, party ki zrort ha jis me ferd (insan) kuch b na ho bel k partay sb kuch ho jo party afrad ki weja se nai bel k apny NESB UL AAIN (constitution) se chel rehy ho or os k nmaaindo me na koi corruption me molavis ho na koi naajaaiz oski income ho na bairoon mulk asassy hun.

  187. Ali,
    You think that Mariam Khan is lying? You don't have to believe her but how but PTI official website. You go there & get the cell numbers of all the PTI district leaders, call them & then let me know how many of them still support PTI..

  188. i would have appreciated the article if atleast you could have come up with facts rather than just generic perceptions of yours. Had you mentioned explicitly what are the significant issues escalated by Khan but was unable to provide you with a solution. Its just about writing perceptions? & then remember "Momin ek soorakh se do baar nahi dasa jaata" hope that addresses your concern about giving chance to the old one instead of trying a new one. Peace!

  189. bravo marium
    i wish my burger frnds and wanabees frnds realize this too

  190. Einstein defined insanity as follows:

    "Insanity: doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results."

    Welcome to insanity club which is actually thy name of previous generation which is in every way a lost generation.