Tuesday, 13 December 2011

We The (educated) Youth…..

We The (educated) Youth…..

It is rightly said that:

 “Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.”

Using abusive and foul language on public forums of media and social media, deaths threats, character assassination, intimidating  remarks ,are now some of the noted  traits of our so called “parah likha” agent of change, the youth. We call ourselves as literate yet we disrespect elders, we quote our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) everywhere yet we disrespect women publicly, we claim to bring revolution yet we don’t give freedom of speech and expression. Is this is called a “nation building”. Are we the educated youth? Are we the future of Pakistan? If yes then we must admit that our future is very dark.

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”(Anonymous)

Unfortunately our youth is moving in  the wrong direction, as they have become intolerant and aggressive yet they call themselves educated. And whom should we hold responsible for this alarming situation of our youth, of our future? Few days back I was watching Sana Bucha’s program lekin about the aggressive and intolerant attitude of youth towards other fellow citizens, she raised some serious and valid points about youth and their behavior and attitude. The deteriorating behavior of the youth is very worrying and upsetting as far as their future is concerned.

And my question is also same why our “educated youth” has become hostile and antagonistic? It is surprising to see that this time the “educated youth” that has become fanatical has studied from reputed colleges and universities. Is it the educational institutes that have collectively failed to deliver what they were supposed to deliver or is it the ongoing political battle in the name of change, making them or encouraging them to be more violent, for their own political motives?

I am sorry to say but Imran is also responsible for making our youth intolerant, only for his political mileage. In his public gatherings and meetings he does not hesitate to use abusive language and from name calling. Just by saying words like change, revolution, tsunami(though the word tsunami itself is a word of destruction) he will never be able to bring any change. We must be human first, only then can we be an agent of change.
Be human first then be an agent of change!

Mariam Khan.

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