Monday, 26 December 2011

Jalsa! Jalsa! …….is thy name of my game.

Jalsa! Jalsa! …….is thy name of my game.

The much-awaited jalsa also concluded, again with the rhetoric and music. This time new entrant for music was Salman Ahmed, he is the same who called “Islam is a sexy religion”(nauzabillah) in a BBC program. Next time do invite “sonu nigam” for the song “main hoon na” it will create wonders!

How Mr. Shah Mehmmod Quareshi diplomatically changed his stance about Pakistan Nukes was amazing. Mr. Khan should take some elderly advice for his speeches to add some substance other than rhetoric, from…whom??Yes, from Mr. Hashmi (this could be the only help Mr. Hashmi can do for PTI). So now, what is next from PTI? I just failed to understand what kind of politics is going on in our country and that too in the name of change. What are we up to? Calling it, a jalsa for the betterment of Pakistan but Pakistani flags were rare in number. Strange.

Does Lahore jalsa proved anything concrete? Does it solve the issues? Therefore, is the case with Karachi’s big show, on which huge amount of money was used. PTI and its team went from pillar to post to make Karachi jalsa successful in terms of “gathering people only”. Because Mr. Khan wants to prove his strength via jalsa to whom, we all know. However, PTI chairperson and his big guns failed to address solutions to the problems in both of his mass gatherings at Lahore and Karachi.

 Nonetheless, every month PTI manage to arrange a recreational activity for the deprived public and call it “tsunami of change”. Agreed Imran is the champion in gathering people, so let move a step ahead. Let us talk on some of his policies, little bit if Imran and his supporters think to share it with public. PTI’s (realistic) policies related to education, Baluchistan issue, how to end corruption, tax reforms, shortage of electricity and gas etc.

A part from jalsa-concert, I am little confuse, if Mr. Khan or the supporters enlighten me on this, Imran has said that he is welcoming everyone because he needs electable for his party. However, he will give ticket to those who will be on merit; unfortunately, no turncoats will ever be able to come to the merit, so what is the purpose of taking them on board now? some contradiction?

Why Imran blame only politicians for all the chaotic condition, when we all know how establishment always has its influential part in Pakistan politics and was equally responsible and equal partner in crime. However, when it comes to army and issues related to it, (be it assets declaration) Imran always kept himself low profile, which clearly shows his stance. Establishment intervention has always hampered the democratic system. Nevertheless, “ we have not tried Imran before so give him a chance”(not justified). Please for heaven sake it is not about giving a chance for the post of PCB chairman, it is about Pakistan.

It is easy to chant few attractive slogans and to point fingers on others. However, on pragmatic grounds, practical approach works. Just by holding others responsible is not enough if you consider yourself as a leader, come up with solid solutions. We had enough of Jalsa drama.

Mariam Khan.……-is-thy-name-of-my-game/

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