Monday, 5 December 2011



Howzat! The skipper (Khan)   has appealed once again but this time not to the umpire but to the amused media audiences who are always more interested in rhetoric. The skipper was hoping for a caught behind of one of his political opponents.
Yesterday khan came up with his assets declaration on media in a press conference, holding a piece of paper calling it to be his assets. But who knows whether that sheet of paper was a list of his grocery list or laundry list or assets? Not sure, as it was not made public. Though his yesterday press meeting was less on rhetoric and more on usual innuendos and perhaps half-truths.

Within few hours’ Salman Shahbaz  Sharif came up with his asserts declaration in a more professional and a business-like manner in Sana Buchan’s show “lekin”. Salman Shahbaz gave a detailed account of all his assets on FBR’s letter head and taxes paid and he kept insisting the show host to flash all the papers on screen, so that it can be made public.

In between the two programs Chaudhary Nisar a close buddy of the skipper(of the Aitchison era) known for his aloof attitude, who perhaps has not many friends and no enemies either; but a person who takes no nonsense from any end, blew the whistle on the skipper that the declared assets and tax returns were not the whole truth. As he failed to take into account the period from 1979 to 2002.

Once again (after Faisalabad jalsa) Ch.Nisar advised Imran khan to come forth with his assets list to the Supreme Court tribunal and Mian brothers would also present their assets for the authenticity of the declaration.

Since Imran khan is the advocator of third umpires and neutral umpires and Azad judiciary he should be happy and have no qualms in presenting his documents. Because Mr. Khan is generally believed to be as an honest and upright man. If this is true then why is he getting cold feet and dilly-dalling, whereas the party who has always been charged for not declaring assets is  more than willing to face the tribunal and straighten out the facts.

Is Khan afraid of, if the assets declaration charges on Sharifs are found baseless then what other allegations he is left with. Finally i think the skipper has balled his last ball to the PML(N).

I Wonder I Wonder

 Suggestion: Now is the time for Imran khan to get down from his high horse of egoism or he will be tripping over his own ego.


  1. Yeah gr8 reply by Sharif family to thr critics on this issue !! So after exposing fake propaganda of opponents against Sharif Family on National Debt Retirement Program issue , another PROPAGANDA CHAPTER has been closed !!

    Good hit for a six from PML-N !!

    This is how i did expose fake propaganda of PML-N opponents on National Debt retirement program issue in light of Official Audit Report of official audit report of state bank of Pakistan.(Musharaf Regime)

  2. Mariam nice to have your reviews on Imran Khan on each every action he is performing now. I am not sure why you are taking that serious with Imran Khan though your talks seem to be biased. Well i enjoyed your writing and will be up to have more from your side, but i would like you to en light other part of things as well. Here is only one question if you like to answer this, then we can have talk on various other issues as well.

    1) Does Imran own any industry or land (Plazas, Clubs etc) in Pakistan or abroad, Same applies to PML-N top leaders. Please provide references.

    Waiting for a Positive Response, Mariam

  3. @Aqee its not about taking things either lightly or seriously but with facts and figures,and since PML(n)declared their assets so the question of who owns what inside or outside is null n void now...and shariff family is a business oriented family and they doing business since 1930, whereas Imran is landlord family big or small thatz immaterial.

  4. @ Aqee

    Being rich is not a sin; its how you spend your money that counts ..

    Sharif Family are into industries since 1930's and even Itfaq Industry group was among the largest Industry Giants in the region , even when NS & SS were not in politics !!

    And Sharif family are running 3 hospitals for welfare purpose !! Few years back, the expensive Kidney Transplant treatment of my Friend's nephew was done in Sharif medical city freely( AT that time my friend was in educational life and his family was not financially strong enough to bear the high expenses of Kidney transplant)

  5. We, being public, can't guarantee the assets of our beloved leaders. I can support Mr. A, B or C for his political vision without going in the depths of assets for now.
    What I have noticed is that the whole politics of Mr. Khan is alive around Sharif brother's assets thingy. If that has been cleared by Sharif brothers with some magical movement, what would Mr. Khan be left with ???
    This is time for him to think of some better way to wake up Pakistan, if he wants to and I strongly believe this is just game of getting into power and nothing else. (I might be wrong, people who got hurt, please bear me)

  6. Mr. Khan aka captain or any of his team mate does not have any strong opinion about Punjab Government being lead by PML-N. I wonder, why on earth is he trying to assassinate PML-N leadership which is not even in power.
    What my small brain tells me, Mr. Khan knows who is going to be the next PM. His lust of power has lead him to work on coming PM instead of the current ones. That is politically correct though but that is so unfair to the nation IMO. Especially when there is no blame on this party. Poor guy has generated one and that is "assets" ... true injustice !!! I hope he knows what is he doing !!

  7. Very logical and practical solution on assests issue. Why Imran Khan is reluctant? At last this issue should be made clear to public.

  8. So waiting for PTI jayalas to come and lash the writer :P

    Hey dude, you being paid by Sharifs ??? ;) (Sarcasm)

  9. @Mariam
    First It was not 1930 it was late 1930's but a big deal but as far you are a fan your statements should match with your leaders. Secondly You are telling they were a business company since 1930, Can you please exactly tell what is the registration date of their business? or on what ground you can say this. and Can you tell the exact size of their business and their net value before joining the Politics?

    @Greenish Heart
    first thing How you claim that before joining Politics Itfaq group was a giant? Any information, Any awards they got, Any major contributions to the industry or what forces you to state this.
    second thing its real nice to listen if there are hospitals in Pakistan who transplants kidneys in Pakistan. Please make these three hospital names public so i can tell other friends family to benefit others.

    @Faizan-ul-haq Muhammad
    Can you please let me know how PML-N was came into existence and how these so called Khadims actually started this league with help of establishment or what else comes to your philosophy.

  10. good work... and there is no bad if someone is doing business here or abroad...unless its with a fraud or false money... we cant judge anyone coz of his or her wealth

  11. If this the criteria of declaring assets then I really don't think that Mr. Zardari would hesitate to declare his assets publicly. I don't get the point how could you believe that PML(N)leaders showed their real assets -

    Apart from this declaration issue - if you really go for democracy (presidential or parliamentarian), ethically no leader should pursue his/her business during their tenure as they do get false incentives and favors willingly or unwillingly -

  12. very clear analysis and now Jamima Khan is pointing out the flaws in the Khan's assets declaration.

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  14. Mashallah your post and analysis are based on facts! May god give these imran khan worshippers the courage and ability to use their brains, Imran Khan's follower are not he's supporters in-fact they are he's worshippers and i prefer to use this term

    Once again Allah Bless You Mariam, Your doing a great job by opening peoples eyes so Pakistan doesn't fall in the wrong hands, May Allah save Pakistan from all these greedy and immature politicians and may God Bless You x

  15. @ Marium

    well, please dont be biased, grow up please, i am writing this comment from abroad and i really dont understand what medicine these PML-N has given to the people who still are supporting them, please for your own future, for the future of pakistan, choose the right person, choose Imran khan atleast once, just give him 1 chance, i live in europe but i love pakistan, i feel sad and jealous when i visit europeaan countries, why not our country is like those, y not we have advanced subways in lahore, karachi, islamabad, y not every one can have unemplyment fund for those who cant find jobs, please please help IK to change this world.

    please only give one chance to him

  16. Hi Marrium , Can you please show the printed copy of Tax documents shown by saleman shahbaz on Sana bucha show. Do you have the answer of following questions ;
    how did they send the money abroad 1.2 billions pond assets in UK ,
    How much he paid as income tax , not wealth or corporate tax
    What was their turn over last year .
    What is their total wealth inside and outside the country
    How they build 6 industries in 70's when paid only 750 rupees income tax


  18. I live in UK and i think the most mature politician in Pakistan is Nawaz Sharif.. well done mariam

    @ Ahmad yes i can answer your questions

  19. @ Billy Wk....... Shame on you, Only one Jalsa in Minar-e-Pakistan Made PML-N Mentally Abnormal. Nobody is Imran Khan Worshiper, they are Supporting Imran Khan for a Better Future...... People did give Many chances to PML-N but the result is Nothing.........

    @ Mariamkhan...... Actually it was yor HOWZAT against Imran Khan, But Denied and Best of Luck for Your Lifafa Journalism.

    There are other Countless Examples....