Sunday, 25 December 2011

Haste makes Waste

Haste makes Waste

PML (N) Social Media V/S PTI Social Media

Unpaid V/S Paid

Dedicated workers V/S Professionals

From the past few months, since the birth of PML (N)’s social media team immense hype has been created by social media in social media for the social media team of PML (N). Why? Is PTI scared?

PTI is using social media for the past three years or so, and its social media team compromised of extremely trained and professional workers, who are paid workers and since they are paid so it is obligatory on them to perform their job well as their bread and butter depends on their work. They are assign to promote every single activity of PTI irrespective of its authenticity and credibility. Moreover, what effect it will have in future, they are genuinely not concerned with it.  They are performing their duty; otherwise, they will be kick out.

Whereas PML (N)’s social media team came into being just 3 months back. Their social media team includes people from different occupations; they are students, lawyers, teachers, bankers, journalists, engineers, social activists. They all are non-paid but dedicated workers. They make sure that whatever they disseminate from the platform of social media, it should be factual, authentic, and above all, it does not create any sort of hatred among the fellow citizens. They are devoted to the cause of prosper Pakistan and working for the sheer love of their country not for any party or for any personal motives and interests. As they believe in collective approach not on an individualistic approach.

The above comparison clearly shows the vision of both the parties and their supporters. It reminds me of a story from our childhood “The Rabbit and The Turtle”. PTI is like a rabbit, running with the frame of mind that turtle will never be able to win the race,(and rabbit will have a clean sweep) whereas PML (N) is like a turtle, moving slowly but with determination and faith. Because, haste always makes waste.
Mariam Khan


  1. Good investigative reporting!! Wonderful!

  2. Good and realistic comparison.........somehow its neutral...

  3. "Haste makes Waste" sounds great and must be implemented by every Pakistani irrespective of their political affiliation.
    On the above blog i disagree with Mis mariam. Mr shahbaz sharif's page on Facebook is really good and doesn't have such hate full contents but seems to have fully run by govt professionals but on the other side the page "We Love Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and PML(N)" had the material that reflects the hate and disgrace for other parties specially pppp and pti , not only parties but the personalities.
    There are many link ,posts , pic and articles that negate the above blogs.
    Infact social Media in Pakistan is adopted very fastly but not fully for the positive aspects. It also points to defame the opposite party/group that seems its only purpose , its the case with PML-N, PTI, MQM PPPP and every other page , all are running on the same path..

  4. You doing a good job for PMLN Madam Scholar :p

  5. what a great example of “The Rabbit and The Turtle”..110% agree with u

  6. With all due respect, you have come up with another biased article. I still remember the sentence from your first article (first one that i read)"I believe it is always better to give another chance to something which you have tried before" and your example "may be I am not using it properly". do you really think that these statements does make any sense? lol.
    And everyone knows who is paying to social media teams, and i.e. Nawaz Shareef.
    I can understand Maryam that you are being paid by PML N to write all that stuff.
    but don't you think earning money by writing a lie is a haram income?
    In Quran "Haram kamayee say Palnay wala jism Jannat main nhi ja sakay ga", and sister Jhoot bol kar kamaya howa maal is haram in every way. No matter what you think what you say that money is haram. This world is temporary Akhirat is permanant abode, as this is your blog you might delete my comment and em sure you will, but sister just overview this thing once again, that you are writing a lie, and the money earned from that lie can never be halal in any way. Thanks I hope you consider this thing.
    Ur brother Afran Hamid

  7. from last 25 years these turtles participating in the race of Power, however these turtles doesn't much vulnerable in the favour of our country as some others but they can not do anything to change the fate of our country because they have no vision the one and only thing they want is Power. We need autonomous systems but they didn't provide if they do that their power will be decreased. Just imagine why Chief Minister plan "khuli kachehri" he can solve all the problems by doing this ?? not at all! they just wants the sympathy of poor people by pretending that how much loyal they are for Nation. Even they are very well knew where the problem is. why they doesn't discipline the police system ?? understood they lost the control to polish their politics! These turtles can't provide systems and justice at gross root level because they have fear to lost the power! please do answer if you are in the favour of our beloved country.

  8. Congrats Mariam on a factual comparison

  9. We should support PML(N).... bcz they are trying their best to being change being a part of govt..

  10. @Afran i truly appreciate your concern, i know what Islam says about "halal razik" but brother keeping a side my other sin,i honestly wanna see you on "judgement day" and there you will be silent when you came to know that i was not paid even a single penny for writing this. And since you called me sister so i being your sister would advice you to "please dont come to conclusion without knowing the real facts and dont judge people on the basis of assumptions". If am supporting any cause this doesnt mean that i am paid to do all this. Hope you got it.

    Secondly i dont delete comments, i believe in freedom of speech n expression provided it should be within limits.When i am entitled to have an opinion so is everyone but we should value the differences as we all brothers and sisters in Islam.

  11. I always found this blog's posts like a school essay... just for the sake of writing, without any confined professional perspective.

    1. agreed!!
      so IMMATURE and VOID of facts....pity!!

  12. Its worth to share a writing from a friend of mine:

    I think the core problem with the ridiculous claims of PTI being pro-establishment and other crap is the complete mis conception of where this country is heading and where it should head. The purpose behind supporting PTI is an 'ideology', a 'vision'. It's certainly not inherited. In many ways I thank PML N and PPP and all their supporters for their utmost support in helping PTI grow as a party. Had these parties not been pulling off irresponsible, ill-fated, corrupt personal agendas, the 'pakistanis' would never have seen 'how bad it can really get' ... You can only appreciate 'good' if you see 'the devil' ... so thank you all :) What you see is a platform built around an ideology of standing by 'insaaf' and 'honesty'. It's not about experience. Are you kidding me? seriously? Is this what 'we' pakistanis have come down to? Speaking of establishment. It's appalling how mis-aligned this bandwagon is. Why the hell is PML N ready to dismantle the government before their tenure ends then? Does that make PML N pro-establishment? Whatever, the gist of it all is that the only good thing that PPP and PMLN have done is to gear us up for CHANGE !! It's the first time I have ever felt extremely patriotic and proud of holding a green passport !! Bring it on !! WE ARE PTI !! it's not just Imran Khan. I AM PTI (Pakistan's Tehreek for Insaaf) !!

  13. well said
    PML N only party which is against nondemocratic ways to rule PAKISTAN

  14. "please dont come to conclusion without knowing the real facts and dont judge people on the basis of assumptions". If am supporting any cause this doesnt mean that i am paid to do all this. Hope you got it.

    Mariam i am into Pakistani Politics as much as you are, and honestly i don't assume things, as i just support facts. I just wanna tell you that i am not specifically against PML N or anyone, i am against everyone who has looted the Pakistan's treasure and has done corruption, and whenever i think about all that name of PPP and PML N always comes first in the list, MQM and other parties have also looted Pakistan's treasury as much as they can.
    When PML N has looted Pakistan previously and everytime then how can you be soo sure that they would turn out as saviors of Pakistan, if they were then Pakistan won't be in such a state, as it is now. Other than just corruption,we Pakistani's still haven't forgot the case of Raymond Davis, and would never will where Punjab Govt. (Nawaz Shareef), let Raymod Davis ran away. In this way Nawaz is a traitor to motherland and as you are a women let take the case of the American Journalist Kim Barker, what was that then? She mentioned that in her book about the entire scenario, is that the respect Nawaz is giving to women? Does he thinks about women in that way? he acted like a pervert, and brought more shame to the name of Pakistan, that one of the senior political leader is Pervert.

  15. @ Maryam:
    I have copy/pasted lines from Kim Barker's book "The Taliban Shuffle", Nawaz Shareef's Interview by her, this shows the real character of Nawaz Shareef:

    Part 1:
    “This time, in a large banquet hall filled with folding chairs and a long
    table, Sharif told his aides that he would talk to me alone. At the time, I
    barely noticed. We talked about Zardari, but he spoke carefully and said
    little of interest, constantly glancing at my tape recorder like it was
    radioactive. Eventually, he nodded toward it. “Can you turn that off?” he asked.

    “Sure,” I said, figuring he wanted to tell me something off the record.

    “So. Do you have a friend, Kim?” Sharif asked. I was unsure what he meant.

    “I have a lot of friends,” I replied.

    “No. Do you have a friend?”

    I figured it out.

    “You mean a boyfriend?” “Yes.” I looked at Sharif. I had two options—lie, or tell the truth. And because I wanted to see where this line of questioning was going, I told the truth. “I had a boyfriend. We recently broke up.” I nodded my head stupidly, as if to punctuate this thought.

    “Why?” Sharif asked. “Was he too boring for you? Not fun enough?”

    “Um. No. It just didn’t work out.”

    “Oh. I cannot believe you do not have a friend,” Sharif countered.

    “No. Nope. I don’t. I did.”

    “Do you want me to find one for you?” Sharif asked.

    To recap: The militants were gaining strength along the border with

    Afghanistan and staging increasingly bold attacks in the country’s cities.
    The famed Khyber Pass, linking Pakistan and Afghanistan, was now too
    dangerous to drive. The country appeared as unmoored and directionless as a headless chicken. And here was Sharif, offering to find me a friend. Thank God the leaders of Pakistan had their priorities straight. ”Sure. Why not?” I said.

  16. Part 2:

    The thought of being fixed up on a date by the former prime minister of
    Pakistan, one of the most powerful men in the country and, at certain
    points, the world, proved irresistible. It had true train-wreck potential.
    “In the sitting room, I immediately turned on my tape recorder and rattled off questions. Was Sharif at the negotiations? What was happening? He denied being at any meetings, despite press reports to the contrary. I pushed him.

    He denied everything. I wondered why he let me drive all this way, if he
    planned to tell me nothing. At least I’d get free food.

    He looked at my tape recorder and asked me to turn it off. Eventually I
    obliged. Then Sharif brought up his real reason for inviting me to lunch.

    “Kim. I have come up with two possible friends for you.”

    At last. “Who?”

    He waited a second, looked toward the ceiling, then seemingly picked the top name from his subconscious. “The first is Mr. Z.”

    That was disappointing. Sharif definitely was not taking this project
    seriously. “Zardari? No way. That will never happen,” I said.

    “What’s wrong with Mr. Zardari?” Sharif asked. “Do you not find him

    Bhutto’s widower, Asif Ali Zardari, was slightly shorter than me and sported slicked-back hair and a mustache, which he was accused of dying black right after his wife was killed, right before his first press conference. On many levels, I did not find Zardari attractive. I would have preferred celibacy.

    But that wasn’t the point. Perhaps I could use this as a teaching moment.

    “He is the president of Pakistan. I am a journalist. That would never

    “He is single.” Very true—but I didn’t think that was a good enough reason.

    “I can call him for you,” Sharif insisted. I’m fairly certain he was joking.

    “I’m sure he has more important things to deal with,” I replied.

    “OK. No Mr. Z. The second option, I will discuss with you later,” he said.

    That did not sound promising.

    “I needed to get out of there. “I have to go.”

    “First, come for a walk with me outside, around the grounds. I want to show you Raiwind.”

    “No. I have to go. I have to go to Afghanistan tomorrow.”

  17. Part 3:

    Sharif ignored that white lie and started to talk about where he wanted to
    take me. “I would like to take you for a ride in the country, and take you
    for lunch at a restaurant in Lahore, but because of my position, I cannot.”

    “Once the interview was finished, Sharif looked at me. “Can you ask your
    translator to leave?” he asked. “I need to talk to you.” My translator
    looked at me with a worried forehead wrinkle. “It’s OK,” I said. He left.

    Sharif then looked at my tape recorder. “Can you turn that off?” I obliged.

    “I have to go,” I said. “I have to write a story.”

    He ignored me. “I have bought you an iPhone,” he said.

    “I can’t take it.”

    “Why not? It is a gift.”

    “No. It’s completely unethical, you’re a source.”

    “But we are friends, right?” I had forgotten how Sharif twisted the word

    “Sure, we’re friendly, but you’re still the former prime minister of

    Pakistan and I can’t take an iPhone from you,” I said.

    “But we are friends,” he countered. “I don’t accept that. I told you I was
    buying you an iPhone.”

    “I told you I couldn’t take it. And we’re not those kind of friends.”

    He tried a new tactic. “Oh, I see. Your translator is here, and you do not
    want him to see me give you an iPhone. That could be embarrassing for you.”

    Exasperated, I agreed. “That’s it.”

    He then offered to meet me the next day, at a friend’s apartment in Lahore, to give me the iPhone and have tea. No, I said. I was going to Faridkot. Sharif finally came to the point. “Kim. I am sorry I was not able to find you a friend. I tried, but I failed.” He shook his head, looked genuinely sad about the failure of the project.

    “That’s OK,” I said. “Really. I don’t really want a friend right now. I am
    perfectly happy without a friend. I want to be friendless.”

    He paused. And then, finally, the tiger of Punjab pounced. “I would like to be your friend.”I didn’t even let him get the words out. “No. Absolutely not. Not going to happen.”

    “Hear me out.” He held his hand toward me to silence my negations as he made his pitch. He could have said anything—that he was a purported billionaire who had built my favorite road in Pakistan, that he could buy me a power plant or build me a nuclear weapon. But he opted for honesty.

    “I know, I’m not as tall as you’d like,” Sharif explained. “I’m not as fit
    as you’d like. I’m fat, and I’m old. But I would still like to be your

    “No,” I said. “No way.”

    He then offered me a job running his hospital, a job I was eminently
    unqualified to perform. “It’s a huge hospital,” he said. “You’d be very good at it.” He said he would only become PM again if I were his
    secretary. I thought about it for a few seconds—after all, I would probably soon be out of a job. But no. The new position’s various positions would not be worth it.

    Eventually, I got out of the tiger’s grip, but only by promising that I
    would consider his offer. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let me leave. I jumped into the car, pulled out my tape recorder, and recited our conversation. Samad shook his head. My translator put his head in his hands. “I’m embarrassed for my country,” he said.

    After that, I knew I could never see Sharif again. I was not happy about this—I liked Sharif. In the back of my mind, maybe I had hoped he would come through with a possible friend, or that we could have kept up our banter, without an iPhone lurking in the closet. But now I saw him as just another sad case, a recycled has-been who squandered his country’s adulation and hope, who thought hitting on a foreign journalist was a smart move. Which it clearly wasn’t.”"

  18. congrats mam ,, u r the firdt who wrote the truth wbout pml n and pti ....n giving good example ...

  19. Well I will not defend all this; it could be true or false, if this is such a burning and hot issue then why no one else takes up this issue. Let us just do not indulge into malign and mud slugging it will take us nowhere. No one is pious like angles everyone has his/her shortcomings and loopholes. If you want to make only these things an issue then what about Imran khan and his illegal relation with seta white and his illegitimateal daughter(which he confessed it) what about Benazir and stories related to her, they could be true or false, what about stories related to zaradri, they could be true or false, what about Musharraf’s private life, again stories could be true or false…moving further ahead what about great Gandhi…who had homosexual past(documented evidence) and what about Nehru’s affair with lady Mountbatten , what about Clinton and the list goes on and on. Still they are respected due to their work and not because of their private life.

    So brother let us just do not indulge into all this, let us be more pragmatic and mature. Corruption is everywhere even our army is not free from corruption. I do not support anyone just for the heck of it, as I am not a blind follower/supporter or worshipper of any party. Keeping my bias a side, when I look back I found some reasonably good things from the time when PML (N) was in power, despite of their shortcomings they delivered it too, (let us give devil his due). And today Shahbaz Sharif is doing great work for the people. (Just do little research what SS has done and is doing in Punjab, with an un-bias eye)

    Do you really think that Punjab govt is solely responsible for Raymond davis??Are u sure? If yes, then you need to work on your facts brother. And do you really think Shah Mehmood Querashi resign because of Raymond davis?? Politics in Pakistan is not an easy task, it is easier said than done.
    I would like to ask you why you think only politicians are corrupt. What about the army generals and their corruption and their private life, what about bureaucrats? What about businessmen? Everyone looted our country….and just an added information Sharif family is a business oriented family and they are doing business since 1930’s much before coming into politics.

  20. Thumbs up to Mariam.... well the thing i have observed in here is that my brother Afran's approach is totally biased. With all due respect apparently you are saying that u are not BIASED..and you are not a supporter of any party.....but your actions contradicts with your lovely speech.... what I observe is that you are bent towards PTI....
    second thing i would like to say here is that..... I have been facing the same problem..... When i say something in favor of PML (N), NS or SS... the same answer comes from the PTI supporters that..... either you are being paid by some one or your MATERIAL concerns are with PML (N) ..... and the worst thing comes when you say that I have no material concerns and i am not being paid off(Which actually is the ultimate truth)...... and they(PTI) start to abuse and hit ur personality..... WTH is all this!!!!!! Don't you guys have respect for the difference of Opinion??? u want the whole world to say what you say and think what u think????? I am Really very very sorry brother.... every Individual has his own thoughts and Beliefs and u should have to give a proper respect to him/her.....
    stay blessed.....

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  22. Well Mariam and Yasir, i just want to say that whatever every leader either it would be Imran Khan or any other general having an affair, well they are having an affair means two sided stuff, but what NS did brought a shame to Pakistan as he tried to sexually seduce that lady.

    Okay if we just put NS aside, as it was his personal life he tried to hit on a woman and he failed, well it was a natural thing, almost everyone suffers failures in love life, but what do you have to say about these videos in which PML N's MNA raped women? and one of them is of their lady party worker and i am not just saying that without any evidence, Thats the evidence video now what

    This is the video of PML N lady worker who has been raped by PML N's MNA Munawar Gil

    and in this one PML N's MNA Ayaz Amir Rapped this lady, whats going on?

    Don't take it on yourself but what would happen (God Forbids) if it would have been your Mother, sister or Daughter? Ask yourself this question, coz ye aurtain bhe kisi ke maa kisi ke behan kisi ke beti hain. Now its upto you if you still want to support Nawaz Shareef and his bunch of Pervert Goons who thinks that they have the right to rape every women. And why NS and SS are silent in this regard why they are not taking any action against it, and they have corrupted Punjab Police so much that they can't even do anything in this regard as well, as they are helpless as it is the matter of Punjab govt. lead by PML N. They are literally acting like they have bought every Pakistani and are doing whatever they want. What are we? Are we slaves of these PML N's pervert goons?