Sunday, 5 February 2012

Social Media………….. Pity For PTI

 Social Media………….. Pity For PTI

The recent hacking or the sudden disappearance of all PTI Facebook pages left its supporters, lovers, and followers in a state of disbelief and denial. Because Facebook is their only strength on social media as PTI’s focus was always to attract large number of fans for PTI but only on Facebook.

However, the real shocker for PTI (so called) professionals at social media, came in the shape of an interesting and innovative activity on twitter started by “awam” ….the supporters of PML(N).

Today PTI’s real strength and their social media strategies were badly exposed once again. How? An activity started on twitter that lasted for two hours with the title “#PityForPTI”. It remained as third worldwide Trending Topic for 20 minutes and Top Trending Topic for an hour in Dubai and for two hours in Karachi. These nerve-wracking statics once again left PTI’s social media professionals in a state of shock, more than the hacking of its Facebook pages.

However, surprisingly there were only few people representing PTI on twitter to counter it but they lack logic as always. PTI supporters did not come up even with their trade mark i.e. “abusive language and comments”. Twitter was all-calm today from PTI lovers. Why?

How could we expect a revolution, or tsunami (to be more appropriate) from a party whose strength and power is limited to a single forum of social media i.e. Facebook.  Is not it a pity for PTI and its die-hard supporters? 

Nevertheless, with the activity named “#PityForPTI” it has now become visible (provided you have an eye to see it) that PML (N) support is not limited to only a single forum. Its presence cannot be ignored or denied, be it Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other social media forums or be it public gatherings etc. PML (N) supporters are everywhere reason being they are the real “awam” and “awam” is present everywhere. PML (N) is modern yet conservative at the same time but truly represents the people of Pakistan.

Mariam Khan


  1. Well! I also contributed in the noble campaign BUT that doesn't mean I am a PML'N supporter.. For me IK & Sharif Bro's r same..

    Note: Hope my comment will be approved without any hard feelings :)

  2. Thanks Mariam!

    We AWAM were fed up of PTI's u-turns, lies & twisted facts. On top of that, their constant mockery & usage of abusive language was getting out of the hands. So we had to come out and raise our voice for what we believe in. Twitter seemed to be the right platform at the right time.

    When we decided to join our hands, our 1st decision was to bring the real facts & truth. I'm so proud of everyone who contributed - no lies, no twisted facts & no rude stuff. It was all truth.
    And the contributions were from all age-groups!! Turns out, we all are united when it comes to achieving our goals, whether we're youth or not. We are a nation!!

    Interesting fact is, non-PMLN Supporters also contributed!! The truth prevails...!!


  3. Just see this tweet! PMLN official twitter account abusing!!!!!!!

  4. hey Mariam! i just wanna know how to become a member of PMLN like you? actually i dont find any access that how can i contribute towards the party as i am supporting PLMN from 12 years? please just respond to my comment.

  5. well i am just a supporter,i would recommend you the website of Pmln, do check that, it will help you.

  6. I've already check that, infact I am a member, but I was asking about how you get access to the TV shows! I mean they invite you for different shows as you are a good spokesperson too!
    and especially Sehrish Rahi, what is her contribution in PMLN?