Saturday, 31 December 2011

King Khan (SRK) is Back in style!


The King Khan is Back. Indeed, he is back in style, with the much-awaited movie of the year
 “Don 2”.

“Don ko pakra na muskil hee nahi na mumkin hai”

Don 2 proved Shahrukh Khan is the ultimate Khan of  the Indian cinema. Much speculation was the talk of the tinsel town before the release of the movie, whether SRK will make it or not. Nevertheless, the “King Khan” once again showed that when it comes to acting with style, no one could beat him.

Because his name is Khan......Shahrukh Khan...... :)

Don 2, released on December 23rd, kept in view to attract larger number of audience because of Christmas and New Year. A stylish action thriller, directed by Farhan Akhtar is a sequel of Don (2006). Shoot at  exotic locations of Zurich (Switzerland) Kuala lumpur (Malaysia) and Berlin (Germany). A must watch for SRK fans.

The movie opened with jammed packed cinemas worldwide, the cast include Priyanka Chpora, Lara Dutta, Boman Irani, Om Puri, and (the surprise) Kunal Kapoor. Farhan Akhtar (with his magnificent style of direction) succeeded and provided the audience with the biggest entertainer of the year in a stylish and lush manner.
Thrilling action scenes, energetic songs, popular background music, excellent screen play,  a complete entertainer, without a doubt. So if you are not dating anyone on New Year’s Eve then go for the movie, with your friends, family or alone. It will be complete package.

Even if you are not SRK fan, this movie for sure makes you one.

Do not miss it; get hold of it in a cinema nearby you. In addition, if you want to enjoy the lush movie in a luxurious style (with amazing sound system) then visit “CineGold” cinema Bahria Town Lahore.

Mariam Khan


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Seven Reasons Why I will marry a Chef!

TheNews Blog » Seven Reasons Why I will Marry a Chef!

While the doctors, engineers and bankers are clearly out of the ‘market’, who’s hot on the list are chefs! With the inversion of ideals, now the way to a woman’s heart is through stomach. A crop of men expert in their culinary skills, what can possibly stop them from being an every girl’s dream husband.

For more reasons, let’s have a look

Reason 1- Creativity………. After doing a little research on Chefs – (thanks to the master chef aired almost daily), it dawned on me that this kind is very creative and imaginative. The benefit is that there are not many chances that you’ll get bored in their company. So, if you also share this one rare quality, then remember the phrase, ‘minds attract each other'.

Reason 2-They are extremely talented….you cannot take them for a ride. As their knowledge is not limited to the culinary art, they are exceptional in the art of presenting them as well. They also know how to work and deliver their best under stress and pressure.

Reason 3- They are hospitable and this is one of the good qualities a girl will look for her spouse. So whenever there will be a situation where you have to manage guests and relatives, your husband will be the supporting factor.

Reason 4- Secure Career. Employment opportunities are always open for chefs (at least as long as people continue to eat).  Once a good chef, there is no turning back Owing to the spate of channels and cooking shows, new opportunities knock at your doorsteps most of the time. If nothing, then running your own restaurant is always a ready option.

Reason 5- They are rich…immensely rich people. Very few of us know the salary of the chefs is never less than six figures. And the fringe benefits that the chefs are entitled to have outdo anyone in comparison with a doctor or engineer. International travelling with protocol, exclusive five star hotel stay with family etc is such a yummy package.

Reason 6- Delicious cuisines at home…… If you are a food fonder then marrying a chef is a double treat for you.

Reason 7- Last but not the least and the most exciting thing is you don’t have to cook, your husband is right there dicing some veggies in the kitchen. So sit back on a couch and relax and let your husband slave his way to please You.

Mariam Khan

Monday, 26 December 2011

Jalsa! Jalsa! …….is thy name of my game.

Jalsa! Jalsa! …….is thy name of my game.

The much-awaited jalsa also concluded, again with the rhetoric and music. This time new entrant for music was Salman Ahmed, he is the same who called “Islam is a sexy religion”(nauzabillah) in a BBC program. Next time do invite “sonu nigam” for the song “main hoon na” it will create wonders!

How Mr. Shah Mehmmod Quareshi diplomatically changed his stance about Pakistan Nukes was amazing. Mr. Khan should take some elderly advice for his speeches to add some substance other than rhetoric, from…whom??Yes, from Mr. Hashmi (this could be the only help Mr. Hashmi can do for PTI). So now, what is next from PTI? I just failed to understand what kind of politics is going on in our country and that too in the name of change. What are we up to? Calling it, a jalsa for the betterment of Pakistan but Pakistani flags were rare in number. Strange.

Does Lahore jalsa proved anything concrete? Does it solve the issues? Therefore, is the case with Karachi’s big show, on which huge amount of money was used. PTI and its team went from pillar to post to make Karachi jalsa successful in terms of “gathering people only”. Because Mr. Khan wants to prove his strength via jalsa to whom, we all know. However, PTI chairperson and his big guns failed to address solutions to the problems in both of his mass gatherings at Lahore and Karachi.

 Nonetheless, every month PTI manage to arrange a recreational activity for the deprived public and call it “tsunami of change”. Agreed Imran is the champion in gathering people, so let move a step ahead. Let us talk on some of his policies, little bit if Imran and his supporters think to share it with public. PTI’s (realistic) policies related to education, Baluchistan issue, how to end corruption, tax reforms, shortage of electricity and gas etc.

A part from jalsa-concert, I am little confuse, if Mr. Khan or the supporters enlighten me on this, Imran has said that he is welcoming everyone because he needs electable for his party. However, he will give ticket to those who will be on merit; unfortunately, no turncoats will ever be able to come to the merit, so what is the purpose of taking them on board now? some contradiction?

Why Imran blame only politicians for all the chaotic condition, when we all know how establishment always has its influential part in Pakistan politics and was equally responsible and equal partner in crime. However, when it comes to army and issues related to it, (be it assets declaration) Imran always kept himself low profile, which clearly shows his stance. Establishment intervention has always hampered the democratic system. Nevertheless, “ we have not tried Imran before so give him a chance”(not justified). Please for heaven sake it is not about giving a chance for the post of PCB chairman, it is about Pakistan.

It is easy to chant few attractive slogans and to point fingers on others. However, on pragmatic grounds, practical approach works. Just by holding others responsible is not enough if you consider yourself as a leader, come up with solid solutions. We had enough of Jalsa drama.

Mariam Khan.……-is-thy-name-of-my-game/

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Haste makes Waste

Haste makes Waste

PML (N) Social Media V/S PTI Social Media

Unpaid V/S Paid

Dedicated workers V/S Professionals

From the past few months, since the birth of PML (N)’s social media team immense hype has been created by social media in social media for the social media team of PML (N). Why? Is PTI scared?

PTI is using social media for the past three years or so, and its social media team compromised of extremely trained and professional workers, who are paid workers and since they are paid so it is obligatory on them to perform their job well as their bread and butter depends on their work. They are assign to promote every single activity of PTI irrespective of its authenticity and credibility. Moreover, what effect it will have in future, they are genuinely not concerned with it.  They are performing their duty; otherwise, they will be kick out.

Whereas PML (N)’s social media team came into being just 3 months back. Their social media team includes people from different occupations; they are students, lawyers, teachers, bankers, journalists, engineers, social activists. They all are non-paid but dedicated workers. They make sure that whatever they disseminate from the platform of social media, it should be factual, authentic, and above all, it does not create any sort of hatred among the fellow citizens. They are devoted to the cause of prosper Pakistan and working for the sheer love of their country not for any party or for any personal motives and interests. As they believe in collective approach not on an individualistic approach.

The above comparison clearly shows the vision of both the parties and their supporters. It reminds me of a story from our childhood “The Rabbit and The Turtle”. PTI is like a rabbit, running with the frame of mind that turtle will never be able to win the race,(and rabbit will have a clean sweep) whereas PML (N) is like a turtle, moving slowly but with determination and faith. Because, haste always makes waste.
Mariam Khan

Friday, 23 December 2011

Being a Journalist

How does it feel to be a journalist in Pakistan

In Pakistan, it is easy to be a dacoit than to be a journalist. Because being a journalist not only your own life is at stake in fact life of your dear ones too. Moreover, in extreme cases you have to take refuge in some other country as a wanted criminal or suspect.

To unveil facts to the masses is a dangerous and a risky job in Pakistan presently, considering the current deteriorating political instability. According to recent surveys and statistics, Pakistan ranked top among most dangerous places for journalists.  The ongoing brawl between political parties are further adding fuel to the pathetic condition and making things worst for the journalists to report the events with honesty.

To recall few names Wali Khan Babr, Saleem Shahzad, both died, Omer Cheema tortured and injured; Hamid Mir, and Sana Bucha threatened, because they all preferred to stand with the truth. We live in a democratic country, where everyone has a right to express. However, our freedom of expression is limited to the personal interests and motives of the influential and the people in power.

All these things and the ruthless behavior of our society at times make me alien to my own people. I feel like living in a jungle where no rule of law exists. We pose we live in a democratic state, I honestly doubt it, rather we live in a state where honesty is not the best policy any more. Where truth is truth only if it is in favor of everyone. You are threatened for dire consequences if you speak against establishment in Pakistan. Everywhere we quote and make comparison with our neighbor India, but when it comes to freedom of speech and expression we dare not, because we know India is a democratic state in real sense.

We as a nation do not value the differences. Therefore, it is extremely tough to be a journalist in country like Pakistan, where people are deprive from the basic right i.e. “freedom of speech and expression”. I salute to all (journalists) who have the guts and courage to reveal the truth to the public without any fear.

Mariam Khan

Monday, 19 December 2011

Over 25 Million: In Need of Your Help!


                Be a part of awarness campaign
                   Education for All
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Protocol and Respect of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Bowl while delivering ...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

PTI….League of Extraordinary Men!

PTI….League of Extraordinary Men!

What is PTI? A political party or a pressure group? Is it really a political party that has emerged as a third option in a political scenario? Or is it something else which we are unable to see or figure out in our desperation of trying something new?

Taking same people and forming a new party, is this change we require or we all are looking for? I was wondering what Mr. khan was doing in the past 15 years, as he was unable to bring forth not even a single person from his party as a vice chairman. And how easily he trashed Omer Serfraz Cheema and replaced him with Shafaqt Mehmood.

 He has claimed several times that the PTI will be a party of new and fresh people, but today even Imran have to rely on same people. Then what is new in PTI and what change will it bring. Who are the real party members? Majority of them are ex-PPP, PML (Q), PML (N), APML and all are tried and tested in their respected parties. How PTI will challenge “status quo” with people who are by and large are responsible for it?

What is new?

Nonetheless the techniques used for party campaign was new and fresh without a doubt; choreographed jalsa was a new thing, never done before. Using social media as an effective tool for the party election campaign was also an innovative idea.
But are all these things sufficient to overcome the problems and to resolve the issues? I failed to understand what change this “new political party” of leftovers will bring, and why people are ready to support all the tested people in a new party, under the umbrella of change. Strange, people are ready to give a chance to the same people but in a new party. Are we playing party game or any one among us have serious concerns about Pakistan? I believe now the parties from where the entire stampede is coming, will definitely left with clean and competent members. As PTI is sucking all the opportunists into its “league of extraordinary men.”

Mariam Khan

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

We The (educated) Youth…..

We The (educated) Youth…..

It is rightly said that:

 “Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.”

Using abusive and foul language on public forums of media and social media, deaths threats, character assassination, intimidating  remarks ,are now some of the noted  traits of our so called “parah likha” agent of change, the youth. We call ourselves as literate yet we disrespect elders, we quote our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) everywhere yet we disrespect women publicly, we claim to bring revolution yet we don’t give freedom of speech and expression. Is this is called a “nation building”. Are we the educated youth? Are we the future of Pakistan? If yes then we must admit that our future is very dark.

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”(Anonymous)

Unfortunately our youth is moving in  the wrong direction, as they have become intolerant and aggressive yet they call themselves educated. And whom should we hold responsible for this alarming situation of our youth, of our future? Few days back I was watching Sana Bucha’s program lekin about the aggressive and intolerant attitude of youth towards other fellow citizens, she raised some serious and valid points about youth and their behavior and attitude. The deteriorating behavior of the youth is very worrying and upsetting as far as their future is concerned.

And my question is also same why our “educated youth” has become hostile and antagonistic? It is surprising to see that this time the “educated youth” that has become fanatical has studied from reputed colleges and universities. Is it the educational institutes that have collectively failed to deliver what they were supposed to deliver or is it the ongoing political battle in the name of change, making them or encouraging them to be more violent, for their own political motives?

I am sorry to say but Imran is also responsible for making our youth intolerant, only for his political mileage. In his public gatherings and meetings he does not hesitate to use abusive language and from name calling. Just by saying words like change, revolution, tsunami(though the word tsunami itself is a word of destruction) he will never be able to bring any change. We must be human first, only then can we be an agent of change.
Be human first then be an agent of change!

Mariam Khan.

"Self Appraisal"


"Self Appraisal"

A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled
it over to the telephone.
He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone
and proceeded to punch in seven digits (phone numbers). The store-owner
observed and listened to the conversation:

 Boy: "Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?
Woman: (at the other end of the phone line): "I already have someone to cut
my lawn."

Boy: "Lady, I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts
your lawn now."
Woman: I'm very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn.

 Boy: (with more perseverance): "Lady, I'll even sweep your curb and your
sidewalk, so on Sunday you will have the prettiest lawn in all of Palm
Woman: No, thank you.

 With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver. The
store-owner, who was listening to all this, walked over to the boy.

Store Owner: "Son... I like your attitude; I like that positive spirit and
would like to offer you a job."
Boy: "No thanks,

Store Owner: But you were really pleading for one.
Boy: No Sir, I was just checking my performance at the job I already have.
I am the one who is working for that lady, I was talking to!"

This is what is called "Self Appraisal"

Contributed by: Mariam Khan.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

We learn from history that we do not learn from history

All Gear up for Another Ride……………..After 40 years!

 Is Imran khan is on a verge to take this nation for another ride, similar to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto forty years back? Presently our nation is emotionally charged, which is good, but emotions with maturity and sensibility are of more significance and have more fruitful results.

 As Khan, like ZAB promises overnight economic reforms, land reforms, tax reforms, end to corruption, how he will be able to do that, issues so close to his heart for the past 15 years. However after the struggle of many years he was finally able to find a vice chairman for his party: Mr. Shah Mehmod Quareshi, a big name, indeed. Is PTI like others also hungry for big names? And if they are, then pitifully all are fired cartridges.

Still we all are eagerly waiting for a big flash in the pan, a revolution or tsunami to be more appropriate that will transform Pakistan into something different, good or bad we honestly don’t know.

Hopes… Hopes….. Hopes……are we putting our hopes on a right person?

Because the tried vs. untried phenomena will throw us 40 years back. Where a nation was looking for a leader in their desperation of change and the leader took advantage of the situation, brought the so called revolution and sooner it was rejected by everyone because all his policies and strategies of changing things overnight ends up in an ugly and chaotic manner as they  failed on pragmatic grounds.

ZAB like Imran khan was an honest man when he started his political career, not even a single monetary corruption on him, he represented the youth of that time, he too talked about change, he too had a very good command over English language, and he too knew the art of delivering larger than life and reality speeches.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto also created and presented a dream land image of Pakistan through his speeches to his followers and supporters. He too had his beguiling words “roti, kapra, makan”. But when he came into power, his lust for power became visible to all those who supported him. And what he promised he could not delivered to the people. And the masses that overwhelmingly supported him in elections were left in lurch “HIGH N DRY” and all the high promises made for change proved to be hollow.

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.
 (Sad but true.)

We know why The Great Bhutto couldn’t deliver, he was handicapped by the establishment, bureaucracy, the landed aristocracy and theocratic mullahs ,and we all  know where he ended up, now what makes “ Imran special”  or different from Bhutto, a part from his hospital, world cup, and Namal.
Today when establishment and bureaucracy are more vicious, then it were at the time of ZAB. Which he too claimed  being under his thumb, and now  Imran khan says that they will be under his thumb so what solutions does he have, to rein in the vicious.

Now we are again ready to venture on the same ride with Imran khan in the name of change. It is a “déjà vu”. Are we sure that we are not doing the same mistake again? Because in a way we have tried this school of thought in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Mariam Khan.

How The Media Works?

I don’t want to go to Pakistan to spoil my life because Pakistan is not a place to live. Ayesha a 13 years old American born Pakistani girl, talking to her mother. Although she has never been to Pakistan but still she formed an opinion about the country. Why people form such opinions? Because generally people think media as vehicles for reflecting the world around them or consider media a sort of window on reality. But this is not the only way to view media and mass communication. Because it not only reflects what is out there in the world but also construct a world that then becomes reality for the people.

Who is responsible for the hatred which Ayesha and many people around the globe have for Pakistan? The answer is very obvious and simple; media, yes media is responsible for creating the hype and hatred and has changed world view against Pakistan particularly and Muslims generally.
The dilemma is this is how media works globally by giving biased approach towards different issues. In theory journalism and media are bound by many ethics and laws but in practice they are not even touch. Unfortunately professionalism and objectivity are the traits that are badly ignored in modern media.

It is said that if Napoleon was to rise from his grave in St.Helena the media would report, the beast has risen and if he were set sail for Europe the media would report that megalomaniac has sailed for France, and when he would touch the shores of France the media would report that the dictator entered France and when he would be 20 miles from Pairs the media would report the emperor is expected to return tomorrow.

This is how media changed its views and opinions according to the circumstances. We think certain events and issues are important because the news tells us they are. Advertising convinces us that we have certain needs and wants that we did not know we had before. They mould our thinking and impose their opinion in a manner that we don’t realize that we are subjected to their propaganda and agenda.

Therefore it is important to know how media works, so that we just can’t get carried away with the images and news stories that are framed under propaganda.
How media works, to know how sources organize media strategies to achieve their ends, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky (media critics) expounded “propaganda model in 1988. This model was about media behavior and performance. Herman & Chomsky identify five filters, ownership, advertising, sourcing, flak and anti-communist ideology. These filters interact with and reinforce one another. The raw material of news must pass through these filters, leaving only the cleansed residue fit for audience.

Dominant media works for profit and they are funded largely by advertiser, and they also work for profit. Media are also dependent on government, therefore government and advertisers and non- media business firms are in such position that they can easily pressurize media organizations with threats of advertising or TV license, libel suits and other direct or indirect modes of attack.
As a result, media policies are framed under agenda setting and propaganda. And the audiences become the part of this propaganda willingly or unwillingly.

Mariam Khan.

Monday, 5 December 2011



Howzat! The skipper (Khan)   has appealed once again but this time not to the umpire but to the amused media audiences who are always more interested in rhetoric. The skipper was hoping for a caught behind of one of his political opponents.
Yesterday khan came up with his assets declaration on media in a press conference, holding a piece of paper calling it to be his assets. But who knows whether that sheet of paper was a list of his grocery list or laundry list or assets? Not sure, as it was not made public. Though his yesterday press meeting was less on rhetoric and more on usual innuendos and perhaps half-truths.

Within few hours’ Salman Shahbaz  Sharif came up with his asserts declaration in a more professional and a business-like manner in Sana Buchan’s show “lekin”. Salman Shahbaz gave a detailed account of all his assets on FBR’s letter head and taxes paid and he kept insisting the show host to flash all the papers on screen, so that it can be made public.

In between the two programs Chaudhary Nisar a close buddy of the skipper(of the Aitchison era) known for his aloof attitude, who perhaps has not many friends and no enemies either; but a person who takes no nonsense from any end, blew the whistle on the skipper that the declared assets and tax returns were not the whole truth. As he failed to take into account the period from 1979 to 2002.

Once again (after Faisalabad jalsa) Ch.Nisar advised Imran khan to come forth with his assets list to the Supreme Court tribunal and Mian brothers would also present their assets for the authenticity of the declaration.

Since Imran khan is the advocator of third umpires and neutral umpires and Azad judiciary he should be happy and have no qualms in presenting his documents. Because Mr. Khan is generally believed to be as an honest and upright man. If this is true then why is he getting cold feet and dilly-dalling, whereas the party who has always been charged for not declaring assets is  more than willing to face the tribunal and straighten out the facts.

Is Khan afraid of, if the assets declaration charges on Sharifs are found baseless then what other allegations he is left with. Finally i think the skipper has balled his last ball to the PML(N).

I Wonder I Wonder

 Suggestion: Now is the time for Imran khan to get down from his high horse of egoism or he will be tripping over his own ego.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

On PTI’s Hit list…..

Am I on PTI’s hit list? Yes for sure because I left PTI: D

Leaving PTI was a major offense indeed.

What would I do on judgment day when ALLAH asked me “why did you left PTI”? (As I was being threatened daroo ALLAH sa, ALLAH ko kiya jawab doo gee on my blog). I didn’t know the party I left was so close to Islam and leaving it means that I will be answerable to ALLAH.

Oh my lord I did a major sin, I left the most pious party and I dare to ask few questions (at a young age because I didn’t know what is the right age to ask question) about the party. And that makes me an offender; oh it’s a blasphemy..……Please forgive me my lord; I was the hurdle in the (unknown and secret) change process of PTI. I committed a major sin, how could I didn’t even think about Islam once before leaving PTI, how stupid I was.

Though my list of offenses did not stop here, it goes on;

How dare I compare two pathans, Shahrukh khan and Imran khan,(though I never did any comparison, my point was if gathering people on a platform is the only criteria then SRK is also good in gathering people, but I can understand everyone has his/her own perception) but i am an offender again....another sin, again a blasphemy?

I didn’t know about the hidden agendas of PTI which every other person knows, then how come I have a right to write something about PTI. First I should consult all the agencies to know the real agenda of PTI and then I can write about it. Again my mistake, what to do me is kid, a school going girl stuck with old toothpaste:D

As I am not a supporter of PTI it automatically makes me a paid writer or a relative of PPP or PML (N) but most likely of PML (N) and I therefore top the hit list of PTI.

I am not a supporter of PTI anymore, so am I allowed to live in Pakistan?

Since I am no longer with PTI but can I call myself Momin or at least Muslim?

All above mentioned  sins can be overlooked but  the cause of my death will definitely my few words in favor of PML(N), though favoring any other party(MQM, APML, PPP) can be tolerated  and for punishment I may be imprisoned. But for PML (N) I surely deserve death penalty, hanged till death. How dare I give an account of what PML (N) delivered.

Verdict:  Found guilty for leaving PTI, asked questions at young age, compared SRK with Imran Khan and above all she told few facts about PML (N). So the writer is found guilty to the core and she will be hanged till death:)

(The above expressed views (presented in a satirical way) are the extract from the comments, which writer received in the comment box of her last blog; therefore no personal offense to anyone).

Mariam Khan

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Why I left PTI?

Why I left PTI?

A party with three perfect words and a proper noun.

Imran khan”, “Change” and “Youth”. Anyone can be attracted and fascinated by these three beguiling words.

Imran khan: Who is he?
A well-known cricketer, the one who brought world cup to the country in 1992, a proud moment for Pakistan. A very good philanthropist, made SKMT with the help of people of Pakistan and the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave the land of SKMT tax free to him, for a noble cause.

Change: What change is required by us at present?
We all are so desperate for “change” but what kind of “change” and through which channel and tool? To be very honest we don’t know exactly what kind of change we want, but the crux is we want “change”, no matter at what cost and where  our desperation of “ change “would lead us. We are not concerned with it.

Youth: who are they?
Engaging and involving youth is no doubt a very good initiative. What kind of Youth? Youth which have no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant and do not hesitate or don’t even think once before disrespecting their fellow citizens, senior citizens on the basis of political affiliation. Can we bring “change” from this kind of youth on board?

He is Imran khan “the Imran Khan”

He talks about change “the change”

He talks about “youth” about “us”

Having all the appealing ingredients to attract but still I left PTI. Reason being, I believe it is always better to give another chance to something which you have tried before, only when you can visibly see the difference between the tried and the untried. The new ride which you are trying to go for is not the one which is required by you.

Having a bad toothache, so I thought of trying some new toothpaste (change is what I need). As I was carried away by the advertisement and the hype created by it. The fancy packet was appealing too. I was about to purchase it but before doing that I just go through the ingredients on the back of it. And I failed to find a single useful ingredient that will solve my tooth problem. So I realized that I should stick to my old toothpaste at least it has the required ingredients may be I am not using it properly or maybe I just over looked “the new and improved” version of it in my desperation of “change” and in my eagerness of trying something new.

That day I realized, Imran khan’s speeches and talks are marvelous and can appeal to anyone for the time being. His charismatic personality no doubt leaves an impact. But on reality grounds his policies lack practical approach to the core issues. He talked about insignificant issues and without any concrete solutions. Mobilizing and gathering people on a platform does not prove any one as a successful leader. Even Shahruk khan can gather an immense crowd but this doesn’t make him a leader. It is always the vision and practical approach to the national issues and international issues that can motivate people for a change. Identification of issues and problems is not what we require today. We all know what our problems are. Talking about larger than life and reality will always have an adverse effect as they lack practical implementation.

Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense otherwise you will end up in more mess.

Mariam Khan