Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sorry......You are not welcome

 Sorry......You are not welcome

Knock Knock…before you enter…….it is not your domain….

You have a mic and a camera so you can invade anyone’s privacy.  A big NO…You can enter anyone’s private place since you are media person. Sorry this is beyond the pale. Who gave (media and the host) the right to peep into others life? Peeping into others life is also prohibited in Islam. There are humane and decent ways to discourage a bad act.

I was amazed and felt quite disgusted to see the latest episode of morning show on Sama Tv by Maya Khan. What does she wanted to prove with all this?  That how low people and media can go for “TRPs”.  I was wondering media ethics do really exist.  Alternatively, there are mere myths regarding ethics and laws as far as media is concerned.

 Nevertheless, one thing is for sure freedom of media does not mean to invade others privacy.
The same issue (dating) can be highlighted in a decent and profound manner without disrespecting anyone on national TV, rather the way it was being conducted. It clearly shows the intentions of the channel and program i.e. to gain maximum ratings for their show, nothing else.
Almost a year back  another morning show (Geo TV) did a similar publicity stunt the host Nadia Khan tried to malign actress Noor on personal grounds,  and that awful act  to gain ratings turned out to be the reason for the closure of the show and the career of the host.

Discussing social issues on TV, no doubt gave an insight into the problem and its effects. However, conducting a show in this manner definitely has more damaging and adverse effects.

The way twitter and other social media forums were bombarded with comments against the host (Maya Khan) and the channel (Sama Tv) was evident that it was highly unethical act by the concerned responsible people and they should submit a public apology so that in future such unethical and immoral acts can be stop.

Mariam Khan

Saturday, 21 January 2012

When Imran “left” PTI!

When Imran “left” PTI!

Pakistan  Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came into being almost sixteen years back, with the sole purpose .i.e. justice. However, today now things have change largely in PTI, for good or bad, no idea. Their manifesto was never clear since its birth and now it is even more ambiguous. The shift in PTI’s ideology and vision has raised many questions for the rational minds.  With the entrants of new heavy weights, and turncoats, the party has now turned into just another party of riff rats and opportunists. It seems like Imran has now left his own party. The party we all trusted. The man we all trusted left us like others.

How easily (within one year) Imran compromised on his sixteen years long stance is surprising and worrisome too. Now there is an immense difference between the ideology of 16 years back PTI and current PTI. Unfortunately, PTI is no more Imran’s party.

Is he the same Khan who said that he would never compromise? People like Dr Shireen Mazari and Omer Srafraz Cheema, who were with him through thick and thin are now left out as non-entities. In addition, people like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Sardar Assef Ahmed have taken the key position in the party within few days. Why? How? Unanswered questions.

Imran has said that PTI needs electable. My question is why don’t PTI create electable? Why they have to rely on the tried and tested people (people who did nothing when they were in power).Bhutto never came into power with any of the leftovers. He made his own electable. So why cannot Imran?

Currently it looks like Imran has joined a party of leftovers. Why Imran left PTI, what could be the possible reasons? Is it the establishment using PTI and Imran for its own motives?  On the other hand, Is Mr. Khan is too innocent to comprehend all this? Moreover, very recently the formation of a forward block with the name “PTI Nazaraiti” is much evident that Imran has left PTI.

Imran Khan, the man who chanted slogans of change, justice, and youth. Imran who gave us vision and hope has now fall prey to the same people, people who betrayed us. Sad but true that Imran has left PTI….the party which we all consider a breath of fresh air was unfortunately turned out to be just another party.

Mariam Khan

Slackistan and PTI…common factor!

Slackistan and PTI…common factor!

Why slackistan was banned in Pakistan?

A film by Hammad Khan, not officially released in Pakistan due to censor issues but somehow I manage to get hold of it last year in July,  special screening courtesy origami( a small company) at Ali auditorium, Lahore.

Throughout the movie, I was wondering and looking for the reason of its banning. However, I failed to figure out the reason why it was ban. Though, movie lacks as far as story was concerned. Nevertheless, I would not say it was a bad attempt rather it was a good start.

Later after few days while I was, discussing the movie on social media I was inform that “abusive and foul language” used in slackistan was the main and the only reason for its banning. The question immediately came to my mind was “then what about PTI’s supporters” their abusive comments and language on different forums of social media. Who will check them? No accountability for them? No censorship?

Our censor board very comfortably banned “slackistan” but who will censor the filthy and disrespecting comments and abusive language used by PTI supporters. Is Mr. Khan will take the initiative in this respect? Let us begin the journey of change from PTI. Introduce something concrete to counter this problem. Let PTI the agent of change to come up with solution of the problem, for which they are responsible.

Be it social media, electronic, face to face conversation, seminars, meetings, one thing on which everyone (irrespective of political affiliation) has a consensus that the “behavior, attitude and language” used by PTI supporters is alarming. In addition, very recently Shahzeb Khanzada’s program “to the point” was a revelation. It is no doubt, a good sign that youth is enthusiastic about politics but at the cost of disrespecting other is definitely not a good sign.

Valuing the difference is the key to success. Every individual has a right to express. But freedom of speech and expression with responsibility is important. Unfortunately we do not respect others point of view, rather we try to impose our opinions on others by creating suffocation for others.

Mariam Khan

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Little Late

Little Late

Arfa Karim Randhawa, the star was shining very bright from the usual stars, high in the sky (for quite some time) but unfortunately we were little late to get hold of its light properly. We were busy somewhere else. I wish we could acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of the little angel in her life, the way we are honoring her now. 

So that she herself saw, how much we love her. Now she is no more with us and she will never be able to see all the love and affection for her by her own people. I wish we wake up little earlier. Unfortunately we were little late.

Arfa no doubt was a miracle child. She achieved the unachievable in her short span of life, where millions failed to do so in their entire life. The girl with the sparkling eyes became the youngest Microsoft Certified at a mere age of nine. Truly, a source of inspiration for millions of young minds.

The shocking news of her sad demise saddened the whole nation. She left us for a better place but she left with a mark, and now it is our (nation) responsibility to fulfill the dreams, which Arfa saw for Pakistan.

Now when we are acknowledging her achievements (though little late) we should not forget the message the little angel taught us and that is a prosper Pakistan. She wanted to do extraordinary things for her country. The real tribute that we can give to Arfa is by converting her dreams into reality.

Let start appreciating and acknowledging the good work of our own people before we lost another Arfa. Let us begin the journey for our own people by recognizing their work and efforts for Pakistan.

Arfa was and she will always be an inspiration for the coming generations. She was and she will always be our pride. Arfa you will be miss greatly by the nation that was little late in recognizing you.

Mariam Khan.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

TheNews Blog » We (Pakistani) are More Civilized!

TheNews Blog » We (Pakistani) are More Civilized!

We Pakistani are always label as uncivilized nation. We are intolerant, ill mannered. Still we are more civilized and brave as compare to other civilized nations. How? A nation deprive from the necessities of life. A country where food is not sufficient, access to clean water is a luxury. Shortage of electricity and gas, unfortunately has become a norm of the society… you name the problem, we have it.. Quality of life is pathetic rather miserable.

In addition, when it comes to protest for our rights, we only burn few tyers, hold few play cards, banners, and a candle light vigil. We usually protest for few hours and then went back to our work. Next morning we all get up like a normal human being assuming that things are normal now. Reason being, we are peace-loving nation.
Now if we look at the most civilized nation “British society”. A society, which is bless with all the basic human rights. Where quality of life is like, one would dream to live in.  However, if we go back to last year’s riots of U.K. where the angry and anguish mob burned whole London, Manchester, Bristol, causing loss of billions. Their tolerance level becomes visible to rest of the world. The ambassador of peace miserably failed to deliver what they have been posing from ages.

Now who is more tolerant? More civilized? It is extremely difficult to survive in a country like Pakistan where political instability is a constant factor since its birth. A country, in which, religious extremism is at its peak. Having all the bad things, yet we the people of Pakistan celebrate our festivals with full zeal. Be it our Eid, Independence Day, Marriages, Birthdays, Political gatherings, New Year, 25 December and even cricket match. We are a happy nation in real sense.

We proudly stand among the bravest nations as we live in conditions no other nation could not even think of surviving. We have the strength and the power and above all, we have faith in ourselves. We are very forgiving nation. We always forgave the bad and ill of others, we only remember the good part. We are an optimistic nation.

Mariam Khan