Thursday, 11 April 2013

Zindagi gulzar hai with Humsafar!

Zindagi gulzar hai with Humsafar!
Kashaf –Zaroon saga has taken this nation by storm once again, as both have become talk of the tinsel town, similar to Asher- Kharid love story (of Humsafar, last year hit by Hum TV). Girl from a middle class with upright values and self esteem and boy from upper class with all his pomp and show, glitz and glamour of the class he belongs to.
It is interesting to know that even men too watch Zindagi gulzar hai with the same eagerness.
One way or the other every girl identify herself with Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) and want to have a husband like Zaroon (played by Fawad Khan), the character played by Fawad is somewhat similar to his character in Humsafar. Same caring and loving husband, obedient son, rich and well mannered man (qualities of “perfect husband”). So one would definitely say “zindagi gulzar hai when you have a Humsafar like Zaroon” J
On the other hand whether every man wants to have a wife like Kashaf, (a woman with strong character) is debatable. Because there are certain things about men which you cannot predict, and what exactly they look in a woman particularly when it comes to marrying her.
Coming to the hardships and struggle of Kashaf for making both ends meet is little exaggerated. Everyone has ups and downs in his/her life but at the same time there are some lighter moments too, life cannot be cruel to one person all the time.
However, the story so far (till episode 19) is going well, though little drag , with little flaws, to mention one “Kashaf wearing swatch watch worth 14,000, right from her struggling days. The class difference between Zaroon and Kashaf has been portrayed quite well. The brother- sister fight between Zaroon and his sister Sara (played by Ayesha Omer) is very close to reality, anyone can relate to it comfortably.  Whereas Kashaf sister Sidra is little irritating at times.
In the end with all its flaws and fantasy no one can deny the fact that we all wait for Friday to catch the handsome Fawad and simple Sanam Saeed in Zindagi gulzar hai.
 Mariam Khan