Saturday, 22 July 2017

My political personality type

Political affiliation and your personality is very closely linked, what you think and how you think is directly related to which political party you are supporting. And all this not only reflect in your political views but also in different segments of life and in your daily work, office and home routine, therefore impact is on overall personalty.

PTI Personality, such type of Personality is very strong in it's nature very modern but limited approach and outlook towards life. They respect only their views and have no respect for anyone else thinking and views, they are dominant by nature. Educated but not literate, good speakers but very bad listeners. For PTI personality, logic works as long as it is serving their purpose. They take criticism as an insult. Aggression  and foul language when anyone disagree with their logic can be seen as a part of their strong personality. They want to lead and want to be a leader at any cost, cause they strongly believe they possess  leadership qualities and can be a good team leader.

PMLN Personality, people fall in this category are traditional yet modern. They are not dominant rather docile  but when they are provoked they can be very aggressive and exceed their limits too, and can become dangerous. Not much educated but are knowledgeable. They are conservative but are always open to new ideas. Good listeners but weak on convincing others. People fall in this category believe in giving respect even to enemies. They take criticism as criticism.

PPP Personality, they believe more in traditions more than religion, even though traditions are harming their own existence. Extremely conservative​ and always refer back to their forefathers. They fear in taking initiative and very reluctant in changing themselves or their opinion about anything. Not much educated nor literate enough to think beyond their traditions. Over all aggressive personality but always remain within their own social circle.