Saturday, 22 July 2017

My political personality type

Political affiliation and your personality is very closely linked, what you think and how you think is directly related to which political party you are supporting. And all this not only reflect in your political views but also in different segments of life and in your daily work, office and home routine, therefore impact is on overall personalty.

PTI Personality, such type of Personality is very strong in it's nature very modern but limited approach and outlook towards life. They respect only their views and have no respect for anyone else thinking and views, they are dominant by nature. Educated but not literate, good speakers but very bad listeners. For PTI personality, logic works as long as it is serving their purpose. They take criticism as an insult. Aggression  and foul language when anyone disagree with their logic can be seen as a part of their strong personality. They want to lead and want to be a leader at any cost, cause they strongly believe they possess  leadership qualities and can be a good team leader.

PMLN Personality, people fall in this category are traditional yet modern. They are not dominant rather docile  but when they are provoked they can be very aggressive and exceed their limits too, and can become dangerous. Not much educated but are knowledgeable. They are conservative but are always open to new ideas. Good listeners but weak on convincing others. People fall in this category believe in giving respect even to enemies. They take criticism as criticism.

PPP Personality, they believe more in traditions more than religion, even though traditions are harming their own existence. Extremely conservative​ and always refer back to their forefathers. They fear in taking initiative and very reluctant in changing themselves or their opinion about anything. Not much educated nor literate enough to think beyond their traditions. Over all aggressive personality but always remain within their own social circle.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Intolerant - Ignorant Society

It is very easy to trap and blackmail someone under the umbrella of religion and it is even more easy to do that under blasphemy law cause we are ignorant and intolerant society of religious fanatics. We are ready to judge other hearts on the basis of our mere assumptions and perceptions which have no standing in reality.

Blasphemy law in Islam is different and the blasphemy law followed and practiced in our country is entirely different.
We are always looking to satisfy our guilty concious by posing ourselves as more religious and by portraying our beliefs as the reality of Islam.

Islam teaches us to be tolerant but very unfortunately whenever it comes to Islam we become the most intolerant people on earth.

The debate should not be whether to punish someone who commit blasphemy but the debate should be let it be proved first whether he/she fall in the category of blasphemy in real sense or it is only on the basis of perception or assumptions.

Mariam Khan

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

An open letter to Shahbaz Sharif

I voted for the first time in 2013 elections and my vote was for PMLN but today I am highly disappointed how I am still deprived from basic rights despite of their promises. Government is in dire need to prioritise their responsibilities.

Our basic necessities electricity, water and gas are not available to every citizen still we are coping with the short fall patiently. But when it comes to education and educating our children I just cannot tolerate any violation of rights.

Since Mr Shahbaz Sharif is an advocator of education and talks about youth and their empowerment all the time on every platform , so I would like to bring a very important matter to his knowledge.

Sir, photography fortunately or unfortunately is now a subject which is included in curriculum on all levels be it school, college or university and its more of practical subject which required immense field work.

Fortunately Pakistan and very fortunately Lahore is of great significance when it comes to historical places and to photograph such beautiful places is part of student learning and a very important part of their course.

But Mr Shahbaz Sharif your government is depriving students to fully acquire their skills in the most advanced field  i.e photography. Students are not allowed to enter the premises of Lahore fort  and other historical places with their cameras but yes if you bribe the concerned person and if he is in a good mood he might will let you enter for few minutes and that too to few areas.

So Mr Chief Minister take some action on it and mend your absurd laws regarding taking photographs on public places and please don't let student fall prey to such absurd laws which are of no significance. And sir this will also help in flourishing our tourism industry.

Mariam Khan

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sympathy Votes!

Sympathy Votes!
How long Pakistan will survive on sympathy votes?
The recent sad incident of Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf chairperson Imran Khan, spread like fire on electronic and social media. He fell down from a lifter just few minutes before addressing one of his jalsa in Lahore and got injured.
Everyone irrespective of their political affiliation and differences showed their concern and prayed for a quick recovery of Imran Khan. Even those who are not supporting PTI were also worried and concerned about his health and recovery and prayed for his good health. 
He is good philanthropist and was a good cricketer too. Many people admire him as a social worker and are fan of his cricket, whether they agree with his politics or not.
President Asif Ali Zardari (PPP) and Nawaz Sharif chairperson (PMLN) called him and inquired about his health. Altaf Hussain chairman (MQM) cancelled his ongoing jalsa. Ex-CM Punjab Shahbaz Sahrif (PMLN) gave him a personal visit at SKMT and inquired about his health; both greeted each other with kind words.

What were their intentions, we don’t know, so let’s just don’t get into it leave the matters of intentions to Almighty. But apparently this gesture is highly appreciated. All this reveal another part of our society which I can proudly say is still “human”.

But having said that, turning or making this sad incident a part of PTI’s political campaign is something not appreciated at all. Repeatedly showing Imran’s few minutes interview from operation theatre and emotionally traumatizing people to vote for PTI at least now, is something I was not expecting from PTI.
More Imran Khan Videos 
Imran Khan should give clear instructions to PTI’s election campaign cell not to politicize this matter. We have the ability to win without sympathy. That would be highly appreciated. But sadly PTI too is doing the same thing of which PPP is expert i.e. sympathy votes.
Mariam Khan

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Zindagi gulzar hai with Humsafar!

Zindagi gulzar hai with Humsafar!
Kashaf –Zaroon saga has taken this nation by storm once again, as both have become talk of the tinsel town, similar to Asher- Kharid love story (of Humsafar, last year hit by Hum TV). Girl from a middle class with upright values and self esteem and boy from upper class with all his pomp and show, glitz and glamour of the class he belongs to.
It is interesting to know that even men too watch Zindagi gulzar hai with the same eagerness.
One way or the other every girl identify herself with Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) and want to have a husband like Zaroon (played by Fawad Khan), the character played by Fawad is somewhat similar to his character in Humsafar. Same caring and loving husband, obedient son, rich and well mannered man (qualities of “perfect husband”). So one would definitely say “zindagi gulzar hai when you have a Humsafar like Zaroon” J
On the other hand whether every man wants to have a wife like Kashaf, (a woman with strong character) is debatable. Because there are certain things about men which you cannot predict, and what exactly they look in a woman particularly when it comes to marrying her.
Coming to the hardships and struggle of Kashaf for making both ends meet is little exaggerated. Everyone has ups and downs in his/her life but at the same time there are some lighter moments too, life cannot be cruel to one person all the time.
However, the story so far (till episode 19) is going well, though little drag , with little flaws, to mention one “Kashaf wearing swatch watch worth 14,000, right from her struggling days. The class difference between Zaroon and Kashaf has been portrayed quite well. The brother- sister fight between Zaroon and his sister Sara (played by Ayesha Omer) is very close to reality, anyone can relate to it comfortably.  Whereas Kashaf sister Sidra is little irritating at times.
In the end with all its flaws and fantasy no one can deny the fact that we all wait for Friday to catch the handsome Fawad and simple Sanam Saeed in Zindagi gulzar hai.
 Mariam Khan

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Why I left PTI……..Now Justified!

Why I left PTI……..Now Justified!
Almost two years back, I took a conscious decision of leaving PTI. (Though I was not an official member) but was a supporter only. Rather a diehard supporter of PTI. And like many others, I too desperately wanted a “change”. So at that time (called it my immaturity) Imran’s rhetoric appealed me like any other immature youth.
Leaving PTI make me felt as if I committed a big sin or a blasphemy for sure. Because PTI’s supporters (trolls) targeted me with verbal abuse and filthy language etc (which is now one of the noted traits of PTI’s supporters). A part from filthy comments I also came across with few interesting remarks like “you will be dishonest with Pakistan if you don’t support Imran Khan” and “let him give a chance at least he will do something as he is an honest man”, “you will regret your decision of leaving PTI” etc.
But today, why I left PTI, is justified now. How? Within a short span of 2 years PTI exposed itself from time to time. Be it continued delay in party’s intra elections to the election rigging. Someone who always talks about free and fair election is incapable to have free and fair election in his own party…… with PTI our future is bright!
 From alliance with Sheikh Rasheed to the inclusion of opportunists and leftovers (of other parties) in the name of electable and trashing dedicated workers like Sherin Mazari etc.
From failed long march to Waziristan to MQM sponsored jasla of Karachi. And the last nail in the coffin was PTI’s support to Dr. Tahir ul Qadari.
In my previous article (Why I left PTI) I said “Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense otherwise you will end up in more mess.”
With Imran Khan and his dream team of opportunists we will for sure end up in a bigger mess.
Mr. Khan and his so called political party (to me it is not more than a pressure group) is not in position to deliver. As Khan lacks leadership qualities and lacks decision abilities, most of the time he act as a (spoil) child on issues and PTI lacks coordination within itself. PTI is all about fashion and modernity and abusing others.
So for  all those who still think PTI will do wonders, and Imran Khan is the last “hope” must open their eyes and must have look  at PTI’s last 2 years and Imran Khan’s U turns to the important issues.
 Mariam Khan

Monday, 3 September 2012

Say No to Dowry!....Loud & Clear

Say No to Dowry!...Loud & Clear
We will not take dowry for our son, but whether we like it or not, or how against we are of it, we have to give dowry to our daughter.
What kind of contradiction is this? All these years I have witnessed, that you are not a gender biased mother. Then why such kind of discrimination between me and bhai (brother), said Sadia, talking to her mother in a surprising tone.
You will not understand how society works.
And I am not interested in understanding dual standards of our so called educated society, Sadia replied.
I will not take even a small thing like “pin” along with me in the name of dowry, whether you like it or not. For me a man is not a man enough if he accepts dowry, if he cannot afford then he should not marry anyone.
I will marry someone who will be interested in marrying me, the person not the package deal.
 What exactly is dowry?
Is it a mindset that you cannot marry your daughter without dowry?
Is it a self-imposed burden?
Is it our habit, culture, ritual or has some religious significance?
Taking or accepting or demanding dowry from girl’s parents shows our hollowness. It shows how shallow we are from inside. Taking dowry shows our lust and greed for material things and for all these material things we are ready to ignore every other thing, and in extreme cases we do not feel hesitation in killing a girl for the sake of dowry.
And unfortunately here (in case of dowry) we close our eyes and ears and brain from our religion and its teaching regarding “marriage and things related to it”. Yet we offer five daily prayers, with regularity and punctuality.
We are basically hypo crates to the core. How? On different talk shows, morning shows, on different social forums, in our casual conversations with friends and family, in our drawing rooms, we condemn “dowry” and labeled it as a shameful act. But when it comes to actually doing something practical for it, we beat the bushes”. And the most convincing answer from would be in- laws is “Maa baap apni khushi say joo dein apni beti ko” (whatever parents give with happiness to their daughter). But “khushi”, happiness is a relative term, and it has not limits, so where to put a full stop?
The excuse from girls parents, “susral walay izzat nahi kerain gain” (in- laws will not respect our daughter), if we send her without dowry. My question to all those parents, do they really think that such sort of respect is of any worth? No…It is better to give a shut up call to such demanding in- laws at first place.
Consequently we all are at fault and girls parents are also “equal partner in crime”, when they willingly send their daughters with dowry. It is high time that we actually say no to dowry, loud and clear.
Say no to “Dowry” the way we say no to “Drugs”!
Subsequently we should encourage, husband and wife should both earn together for their livelihood, rather than taking dowry to fulfill all your material wants overnight. This is not only ridiculous but pathetic too!
Mariam Khan