Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Intolerant - Ignorant Society

It is very easy to trap and blackmail someone under the umbrella of religion and it is even more easy to do that under blasphemy law cause we are ignorant and intolerant society of religious fanatics. We are ready to judge other hearts on the basis of our mere assumptions and perceptions which have no standing in reality.

Blasphemy law in Islam is different and the blasphemy law followed and practiced in our country is entirely different.
We are always looking to satisfy our guilty concious by posing ourselves as more religious and by portraying our beliefs as the reality of Islam.

Islam teaches us to be tolerant but very unfortunately whenever it comes to Islam we become the most intolerant people on earth.

The debate should not be whether to punish someone who commit blasphemy but the debate should be let it be proved first whether he/she fall in the category of blasphemy in real sense or it is only on the basis of perception or assumptions.

Mariam Khan