Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Intolerant - Ignorant Society

It is very easy to trap and blackmail someone under the umbrella of religion and it is even more easy to do that under blasphemy law cause we are ignorant and intolerant society of religious fanatics. We are ready to judge other hearts on the basis of our mere assumptions and perceptions which have no standing in reality.

Blasphemy law in Islam is different and the blasphemy law followed and practiced in our country is entirely different.
We are always looking to satisfy our guilty concious by posing ourselves as more religious and by portraying our beliefs as the reality of Islam.

Islam teaches us to be tolerant but very unfortunately whenever it comes to Islam we become the most intolerant people on earth.

The debate should not be whether to punish someone who commit blasphemy but the debate should be let it be proved first whether he/she fall in the category of blasphemy in real sense or it is only on the basis of perception or assumptions.

Mariam Khan

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

An open letter to Shahbaz Sharif

I voted for the first time in 2013 elections and my vote was for PMLN but today I am highly disappointed how I am still deprived from basic rights despite of their promises. Government is in dire need to prioritise their responsibilities.

Our basic necessities electricity, water and gas are not available to every citizen still we are coping with the short fall patiently. But when it comes to education and educating our children I just cannot tolerate any violation of rights.

Since Mr Shahbaz Sharif is an advocator of education and talks about youth and their empowerment all the time on every platform , so I would like to bring a very important matter to his knowledge.

Sir, photography fortunately or unfortunately is now a subject which is included in curriculum on all levels be it school, college or university and its more of practical subject which required immense field work.

Fortunately Pakistan and very fortunately Lahore is of great significance when it comes to historical places and to photograph such beautiful places is part of student learning and a very important part of their course.

But Mr Shahbaz Sharif your government is depriving students to fully acquire their skills in the most advanced field  i.e photography. Students are not allowed to enter the premises of Lahore fort  and other historical places with their cameras but yes if you bribe the concerned person and if he is in a good mood he might will let you enter for few minutes and that too to few areas.

So Mr Chief Minister take some action on it and mend your absurd laws regarding taking photographs on public places and please don't let student fall prey to such absurd laws which are of no significance. And sir this will also help in flourishing our tourism industry.

Mariam Khan