Sunday, 10 February 2013

Why I left PTI……..Now Justified!

Why I left PTI……..Now Justified!
Almost two years back, I took a conscious decision of leaving PTI. (Though I was not an official member) but was a supporter only. Rather a diehard supporter of PTI. And like many others, I too desperately wanted a “change”. So at that time (called it my immaturity) Imran’s rhetoric appealed me like any other immature youth.
Leaving PTI make me felt as if I committed a big sin or a blasphemy for sure. Because PTI’s supporters (trolls) targeted me with verbal abuse and filthy language etc (which is now one of the noted traits of PTI’s supporters). A part from filthy comments I also came across with few interesting remarks like “you will be dishonest with Pakistan if you don’t support Imran Khan” and “let him give a chance at least he will do something as he is an honest man”, “you will regret your decision of leaving PTI” etc.
But today, why I left PTI, is justified now. How? Within a short span of 2 years PTI exposed itself from time to time. Be it continued delay in party’s intra elections to the election rigging. Someone who always talks about free and fair election is incapable to have free and fair election in his own party…… with PTI our future is bright!
 From alliance with Sheikh Rasheed to the inclusion of opportunists and leftovers (of other parties) in the name of electable and trashing dedicated workers like Sherin Mazari etc.
From failed long march to Waziristan to MQM sponsored jasla of Karachi. And the last nail in the coffin was PTI’s support to Dr. Tahir ul Qadari.
In my previous article (Why I left PTI) I said “Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense otherwise you will end up in more mess.”
With Imran Khan and his dream team of opportunists we will for sure end up in a bigger mess.
Mr. Khan and his so called political party (to me it is not more than a pressure group) is not in position to deliver. As Khan lacks leadership qualities and lacks decision abilities, most of the time he act as a (spoil) child on issues and PTI lacks coordination within itself. PTI is all about fashion and modernity and abusing others.
So for  all those who still think PTI will do wonders, and Imran Khan is the last “hope” must open their eyes and must have look  at PTI’s last 2 years and Imran Khan’s U turns to the important issues.
 Mariam Khan

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  1. They'll realize one day.. the truth about someone fully in lust for power... Mr. Imran Khan !