Saturday, 21 January 2012

Slackistan and PTI…common factor!

Slackistan and PTI…common factor!

Why slackistan was banned in Pakistan?

A film by Hammad Khan, not officially released in Pakistan due to censor issues but somehow I manage to get hold of it last year in July,  special screening courtesy origami( a small company) at Ali auditorium, Lahore.

Throughout the movie, I was wondering and looking for the reason of its banning. However, I failed to figure out the reason why it was ban. Though, movie lacks as far as story was concerned. Nevertheless, I would not say it was a bad attempt rather it was a good start.

Later after few days while I was, discussing the movie on social media I was inform that “abusive and foul language” used in slackistan was the main and the only reason for its banning. The question immediately came to my mind was “then what about PTI’s supporters” their abusive comments and language on different forums of social media. Who will check them? No accountability for them? No censorship?

Our censor board very comfortably banned “slackistan” but who will censor the filthy and disrespecting comments and abusive language used by PTI supporters. Is Mr. Khan will take the initiative in this respect? Let us begin the journey of change from PTI. Introduce something concrete to counter this problem. Let PTI the agent of change to come up with solution of the problem, for which they are responsible.

Be it social media, electronic, face to face conversation, seminars, meetings, one thing on which everyone (irrespective of political affiliation) has a consensus that the “behavior, attitude and language” used by PTI supporters is alarming. In addition, very recently Shahzeb Khanzada’s program “to the point” was a revelation. It is no doubt, a good sign that youth is enthusiastic about politics but at the cost of disrespecting other is definitely not a good sign.

Valuing the difference is the key to success. Every individual has a right to express. But freedom of speech and expression with responsibility is important. Unfortunately we do not respect others point of view, rather we try to impose our opinions on others by creating suffocation for others.

Mariam Khan

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