Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Little Late

Little Late

Arfa Karim Randhawa, the star was shining very bright from the usual stars, high in the sky (for quite some time) but unfortunately we were little late to get hold of its light properly. We were busy somewhere else. I wish we could acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of the little angel in her life, the way we are honoring her now. 

So that she herself saw, how much we love her. Now she is no more with us and she will never be able to see all the love and affection for her by her own people. I wish we wake up little earlier. Unfortunately we were little late.

Arfa no doubt was a miracle child. She achieved the unachievable in her short span of life, where millions failed to do so in their entire life. The girl with the sparkling eyes became the youngest Microsoft Certified at a mere age of nine. Truly, a source of inspiration for millions of young minds.

The shocking news of her sad demise saddened the whole nation. She left us for a better place but she left with a mark, and now it is our (nation) responsibility to fulfill the dreams, which Arfa saw for Pakistan.

Now when we are acknowledging her achievements (though little late) we should not forget the message the little angel taught us and that is a prosper Pakistan. She wanted to do extraordinary things for her country. The real tribute that we can give to Arfa is by converting her dreams into reality.

Let start appreciating and acknowledging the good work of our own people before we lost another Arfa. Let us begin the journey for our own people by recognizing their work and efforts for Pakistan.

Arfa was and she will always be an inspiration for the coming generations. She was and she will always be our pride. Arfa you will be miss greatly by the nation that was little late in recognizing you.

Mariam Khan.

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  1. True . I was Also Thinking that,We only appreciate the Person skills and achievements when Our Media shows us that This Person is about to Die or in Hospital. He/She did this and that for Pakistan. I was sad That We didn't recognize Arfa before her illness.

    Arfa We will Miss U.

    As I am Doing Software Engineering. Arfa You are Now My Idol. I will Make My Country Proud of Me as u did.