Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sorry......You are not welcome

 Sorry......You are not welcome

Knock Knock…before you enter…….it is not your domain….

You have a mic and a camera so you can invade anyone’s privacy.  A big NO…You can enter anyone’s private place since you are media person. Sorry this is beyond the pale. Who gave (media and the host) the right to peep into others life? Peeping into others life is also prohibited in Islam. There are humane and decent ways to discourage a bad act.

I was amazed and felt quite disgusted to see the latest episode of morning show on Sama Tv by Maya Khan. What does she wanted to prove with all this?  That how low people and media can go for “TRPs”.  I was wondering media ethics do really exist.  Alternatively, there are mere myths regarding ethics and laws as far as media is concerned.

 Nevertheless, one thing is for sure freedom of media does not mean to invade others privacy.
The same issue (dating) can be highlighted in a decent and profound manner without disrespecting anyone on national TV, rather the way it was being conducted. It clearly shows the intentions of the channel and program i.e. to gain maximum ratings for their show, nothing else.
Almost a year back  another morning show (Geo TV) did a similar publicity stunt the host Nadia Khan tried to malign actress Noor on personal grounds,  and that awful act  to gain ratings turned out to be the reason for the closure of the show and the career of the host.

Discussing social issues on TV, no doubt gave an insight into the problem and its effects. However, conducting a show in this manner definitely has more damaging and adverse effects.

The way twitter and other social media forums were bombarded with comments against the host (Maya Khan) and the channel (Sama Tv) was evident that it was highly unethical act by the concerned responsible people and they should submit a public apology so that in future such unethical and immoral acts can be stop.

Mariam Khan

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