Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Seven Reasons Why I will marry a Chef!

TheNews Blog » Seven Reasons Why I will Marry a Chef!

While the doctors, engineers and bankers are clearly out of the ‘market’, who’s hot on the list are chefs! With the inversion of ideals, now the way to a woman’s heart is through stomach. A crop of men expert in their culinary skills, what can possibly stop them from being an every girl’s dream husband.

For more reasons, let’s have a look

Reason 1- Creativity………. After doing a little research on Chefs – (thanks to the master chef aired almost daily), it dawned on me that this kind is very creative and imaginative. The benefit is that there are not many chances that you’ll get bored in their company. So, if you also share this one rare quality, then remember the phrase, ‘minds attract each other'.

Reason 2-They are extremely talented….you cannot take them for a ride. As their knowledge is not limited to the culinary art, they are exceptional in the art of presenting them as well. They also know how to work and deliver their best under stress and pressure.

Reason 3- They are hospitable and this is one of the good qualities a girl will look for her spouse. So whenever there will be a situation where you have to manage guests and relatives, your husband will be the supporting factor.

Reason 4- Secure Career. Employment opportunities are always open for chefs (at least as long as people continue to eat).  Once a good chef, there is no turning back Owing to the spate of channels and cooking shows, new opportunities knock at your doorsteps most of the time. If nothing, then running your own restaurant is always a ready option.

Reason 5- They are rich…immensely rich people. Very few of us know the salary of the chefs is never less than six figures. And the fringe benefits that the chefs are entitled to have outdo anyone in comparison with a doctor or engineer. International travelling with protocol, exclusive five star hotel stay with family etc is such a yummy package.

Reason 6- Delicious cuisines at home…… If you are a food fonder then marrying a chef is a double treat for you.

Reason 7- Last but not the least and the most exciting thing is you don’t have to cook, your husband is right there dicing some veggies in the kitchen. So sit back on a couch and relax and let your husband slave his way to please You.

Mariam Khan

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