Saturday, 17 December 2011

PTI….League of Extraordinary Men!

PTI….League of Extraordinary Men!

What is PTI? A political party or a pressure group? Is it really a political party that has emerged as a third option in a political scenario? Or is it something else which we are unable to see or figure out in our desperation of trying something new?

Taking same people and forming a new party, is this change we require or we all are looking for? I was wondering what Mr. khan was doing in the past 15 years, as he was unable to bring forth not even a single person from his party as a vice chairman. And how easily he trashed Omer Serfraz Cheema and replaced him with Shafaqt Mehmood.

 He has claimed several times that the PTI will be a party of new and fresh people, but today even Imran have to rely on same people. Then what is new in PTI and what change will it bring. Who are the real party members? Majority of them are ex-PPP, PML (Q), PML (N), APML and all are tried and tested in their respected parties. How PTI will challenge “status quo” with people who are by and large are responsible for it?

What is new?

Nonetheless the techniques used for party campaign was new and fresh without a doubt; choreographed jalsa was a new thing, never done before. Using social media as an effective tool for the party election campaign was also an innovative idea.
But are all these things sufficient to overcome the problems and to resolve the issues? I failed to understand what change this “new political party” of leftovers will bring, and why people are ready to support all the tested people in a new party, under the umbrella of change. Strange, people are ready to give a chance to the same people but in a new party. Are we playing party game or any one among us have serious concerns about Pakistan? I believe now the parties from where the entire stampede is coming, will definitely left with clean and competent members. As PTI is sucking all the opportunists into its “league of extraordinary men.”

Mariam Khan

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  1. yes we can lolz!!! i hate this obama styled sponsored, artificial, so called "tsunami of change" which in fact has nothing worth mentioning in its manifesto.