Sunday, 19 February 2012

Children of lesser God……We Civilians

Children of  lesser God……We Civilians

Military Thinking……A mindset

Military thinking is a mindset, very different from the civilian thinking and approach. Their thinking and life is limited to “orders”…they gave orders and take orders (their entire life) and interestingly without any logic. From the beginning, they are program in a way that keeps them alien to the civilian life style and keeps them restricted to the protected boundaries of their compound. Moreover, within the boundaries they are taught “how to rule” the “civilians”.

 There is an immense gap and difference between civilians and military men. Therefore, whenever a dictator mind clashes with the democratic mind, the situation becomes worst. Because a dictator mind (in its obstinacy), set rules which are beyond the acceptance of a democratic mind. In addition, it is one of the reasons of country’s political instability. Military intervention has always hampers the free democratic system, has always disturbed, and stopped the smooth flow of democratic system.

According to military beliefs, civilians are children of lesser God, so they (military) have all rights to disrespect them or ridicule them for any reason or most of the time without any reason.

 Whereas they (military men) are the blessed creatures of God. Therefore, they are the superior creatures and they made laws for others to follow. They are not answerable to anyone, but they can question anyone any time, about anything. 

But in their pride they have forget something, that people will respect them till they keep us protected from the dangerous coming from the borders but their dictatorship will not be tolerated  if they  try to draw or create boundaries within the country and between civilians and military. Because law is same for all, be it uniform clad man or man without uniform. Bottom line is no one is above law and we all should respect it.

Therefore, democracy how shams or shallow it may be is far better than dictatorship. Military rule wants everything to be regimented but human beings are not programmed to be regimented all the time. They need freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of action. You cannot rule everyone all the time.
The need is to abolish the current mindset of the military otherwise wait for dire consequences from the rebellious civilians.

Mariam Khan


  1. again a nice thought . Yeah v civilians r ready 2 accept a fragile democracy rather than a self imposed military rule .

  2. Salam. Hope you are good.
    How can I disagree madam scholar lol

  3. Walakum Salam iam good MashALLAH and i hope you are good too. I know you will never disagree with me on this:) but on my blog you can disagree with any of my post as i give full freedom of speech:)

  4. Mariam Your all Articles make sense.It seems like I have got another voice as most of your articles coincide with my thinking as well. So keep it up.