Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lawn Crazy Nation

Lawn Crazy Nation…….Stuck by a communicable disease

HSY, Sana Safinaz, Veenaza Ahmed, Gull Ahmed, Yasir Waheed, Mausummery, Warda etc etc if you are not familiar with these names then what the hell you are doing on earth! Few days back I went for shopping (not in search of any designer lawn) because I am quite comfortable wearing lawn from a pathan sitting outside a shop or on footpath, provided I like the design and color.

Coming back to lawn craziness, the designer outlet was badly packed with ladies and it was a sight to watch how ladies were pushing each other and shouting to get hold of their favorite print. And interestingly no one was bothered or interested even to talk about price. All were interested in catching the best print before any one else take away with it. Therefore (with lots of courage) when I dare to ask “price” (as an odd one out) the sales man looked at me as if I asked for some banned thing. He was stunned at my question and I was like OK!

The lawn craziness has taken over our ladies like a storm or it is like a tsunami you have no choice other then being hit by it willingly or unwillingly. Or we can say it is a contagious disease no one can escape it. And with every passing day “lawn craziness” is increasing.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple lawn (few years back) has now become symbol of showing your wealth,….a status symbol. A lawn has now become yardstick to measure your status in society and a tool to identify you designer sense. If you are wearing HSY, Sana Safinaz, Veenaza Ahamed then you are in “A”category and you belong to very high class.

How a simple lawn has now become a luxury. The changing trend in designer lawn reaches to such an extent that now days “designer lawn” are properly launched with release and launching date, along with full marketing strategies....WOW!

What else to say…………we are “lawn crazy nation”!

Mariam Khan

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