Sunday, 19 August 2012

I am single and HAPPY too

I am single and Happy too

I am single and I am happy too but the people around me (a part from my family) are not happy with my single status. What to do? Are they seriously concerned about my happiness or they consider it their right to comment on “why I am still single?” Moreover, to show sympathy that I am not married yet. But my question to them is “what is their problem”? 
Peer pressure, societal pressure always forced girls and their family to end up in a miss match. And later on, such marriages result into divorce and separation. Therefore, it is extremely important not to get married because of pressure. It is better to be single than to end your life in a mess.

There was a time when the perfect age for girls’ marriage was 22-23 but (thanked God) now due to professional education and careers people do not mind getting their daughters married at the age of 26-27.Our society is accepting this trend, but (very) slowly.

Settling with someone just to please the society and to avoid the hurting comments, is not a fair deal. Getting married is not like taking admission in some college or university or for that matter enrolling oneself for some diploma course for a year or so. It is a lifelong decision and should be taken with conscious mind. Rather than emotions and sentiments.

Both boys and girls want a compatible life partner; they look for many things before getting into any relation. And I believe it is good because no one marry for a short period intentionally, so one should be open and careful about it in order to avoid difficulties and problems later on. Today marriages are neither arrange nor love but somewhere in between.

In addition, due to the advancement and development in different means of communication, people found a more easy way to get hold of their (perfect) match. Social networks, mobile phones, matrimonial sites etc. Co-education, working places all are also a good source of match making(if the person is serious). Because through all these means one got the opportunity to know the other person, other than the traditional ways of finding a match.

Therefore, those who are single and happy with it just do not bother what society thinks. Look for your happiness as we all have one life so enjoy it to the fullest. Be happy always.
Mariam Khan

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  1. Good at words and thoughts too, however one has right to disagree.

    IMO delaying wedding just for search of a "compatible match" is not even wise. There is no scientific instrument available that can measure the "compatibility" and "meeting chemistry" thingy. Its pretty complicated............................
    But once married, we shall be able to adjust and compromise which is not the case today. Reason being, lack of patience and that has very less to do with "proper match"